PMS50 GNS530 mod

Don’t feel bad. The GNS mod is a WIP. It’s not working properly for me. Zooming in an out the map causes fps to drop in half. Also, sometimes when I load the sim, the avionics are off. So it doesn’t currently work as perfectly as before the latest ASOBO update. ASOBO managed to break the sim again.

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Yes, but it was working so nice even as a WIP.

“ASOBO managed to break the sim again.”

Amen on that ! :grimacing:

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FYI: Still get the occasional FREEZE when selecting ICAO code letters.

The whole Sim locks up for about 1 minute, and then will suddenly start running again.

While I doubt that this is caused directly by GNS530 MOD, the issue still exists, and I have never seen it do this using the GNS530 without the Mod (but I very seldom run the GNS530 without the Mod)

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I’ve had the G1000 freeze the same way, but in that instance it never recovered, not after 20mins of waiting.

I can imagine a data dependent, non existing look, deep in the Kernal. !!

I have intentionally put such a loop in a JS Mod, and it brings the whole sim to a screaming halt !!!

So, everyone using the new JustFlight Piper Arrow III with this mod and having issues with the bezel of the GNS530/GNS430 covering some pixels, here’s the fix:

Navigate to the file in your Community folder, copy it somewhere as backup.
Then open the file in a text editor:

Find this block (this is from the original file):

size_mm				= 350,190
pixel_size			= 350,190
texture				= $SCREEN_GNS430
htmlgauge00=NavSystems/GPS/AS430/AS430.html, 		0, 0, 350, 190

size_mm				= 320,234
pixel_size			= 320,234
texture				= $SCREEN_GNS530
htmlgauge00=NavSystems/GPS/AS530/AS530.html, 		0, 0, 320,234

And replace it with the following:

size_mm				= 350,190
pixel_size			= 350,190
texture				= $SCREEN_GNS430
htmlgauge00=NavSystems/GPS/AS430/AS430.html, 		4, 3, 342, 183

size_mm				= 320,234
pixel_size			= 320,234
texture				= $SCREEN_GNS530
htmlgauge00=NavSystems/GPS/AS530/AS530.html, 		4, 3, 316, 231

Save the file and restart the sim to see the effect.

Here’s my original post about the “before” state:

And here’s how it looks after the fix:

@LikelyMatt you asked to be notified :wink:
@ScorpionFilm422 maybe you can link this post in your opening post, if people start asking about it.


Thanks @Coppersens for figuring out the numbers and sharing.

I do not have the plane (yet), but if the GNS530 mod gauges does not fit, does that mean that the non-mod ones also do not correctly fit, without this change.

Really appreciate that these JustFlight files are not hidden away in encrypted .fsarchive files.

Thank you JustFlight – a very good reason to get your plane DIRECT from you :slight_smile:

Sweet, thanks!

Don’t have the time to try without the mod. My guess is that they simply look a little different in default and thus it’s not noticeable. The mod added some borders and changed the font etc.

And yeah, I’m glad I didn’t wait to buy it from the Marketplace (which probably installs a locked archive like with Carenado). These slight adjustments are simply so important for compatibility and improvements :slight_smile:

Just so you guys are aware, the JF Arrow III is not yet ready for prime time if you’re a dedicated VR user as I am. But rather than complain about Just Flight, I really have to give them a pat on the back, because even after I got more than a little pissy with them, and despite the fact that their TOS clearly says no refunds on downloaded products, they offered to give me a refund, so they really deserve some kudos and “above and beyond the call of duty” recognition.

In my case, it’s probably more like an “until we meet again”, because as soon as they have the VR capability fixed, I’ll definitely be buying it again. The autopilot wanted to do barrel rolls, but I suspect a deeper look into that problem will reveal it’s either user error, a problem with the setup for my Honeycomb Bravo, or a combination of both. (And who knew that an Arrow could actually do a barrel roll without coming apart at the seams!)

But parting is in many ways sweet sorrow, as the b1rd is really nice, and as soon as they have their VR fixed, I will be buying it again.

But be prepared if you are a VR user to live with double vision mouse pointers and the inability to zoom in on your instruments. OTOH, if you fly on a 2D display, I can strongly recommend this bird for many reasons, and without reservations, except for the autopilot issue which I strongly suspect is somehow related to my bravo TQS.

And thus ends today’s off-topic PSA for those who care. And I still love me some GNS530 mods from our host and friend!

@Coppersens maybe it’s because it’s so early in the morning, but no matter how much I squint at the numbers in your post, I can’t see what the differences are between the original config and the fixed config. My apologies if it’s obvious. I may just need to come back to this after my morning coffee.

its the :
htmlgauge00=NavSystems/GPS/AS430/AS430.html, 0, 0, 350, 190

to 4, 3, 342, 183

and a smlilar change for the GNS530

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Ohhhh lol that explains why I couldn’t see it. The long line didn’t fit on my screen and I didn’t realize I needed to scroll right. Much appreciated. I think I probably will pick up this new aircraft and one major selling point will be that I’ll get to use this mod with it!


Personally, having both, I would recommend spending your money 1st on the Deluxe (and the c172 classic), + more included planes, than the just One PA28 from JF

I was not impressed … but it may have a faster Frame rate in VR than the C172 Classic ???

Did you submit a ticket to Just Flight with your issue and findings? That way it gets fixed in a update.

No I didn’t since JF is not responsible for making their AddOn compatible with any other mods/addons out there.
If their AddOn works fine with the stock GNS, that’s fine. The rest is up to us.

If they apply my change to their aircraft, it might look weird or at least not as they expect with the stock GNS.


More users like this please and thank you :slight_smile:


New release 1.0.29

Available at: GNS530 Mod

Please read the installation steps in the documentation in order to not install the sources instead of the release (current mistake).


  • compatibility sim update 3

Hello. Thanks for your continued effort making this mod. Downloaded the latest version and tried it on the JF Piper Arrow. I assume that if the AP tries to kill you by rolling to the right it’s an issue with the AP in the base simulator, is that correct?

It’s not related to this mod, so rather check out the threads about the JF PA3. I wrote a few posts about this issue:

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