Poll Time: Please no more than 5 things you want the sim fixed this year in 2022. Just 5

The turnaround GPS/FMC bug when assigned approach is entered.

The ATC needs work
Ninjetes ICAO - EU - UK ATC Phraseology Mod greatly improves the ATC but it is still limited due to lack of options and features. (ICAO - EU - UK ATC Phraseology Mod V3.0)

The weather needs work. It needs to reflect real conditions, even if this means coming into minimums and having to divert when the DH is reached. This is what we have instrumentation for, not to see the cloud base 1000 ’ in the air when it should be 300 '.

AI traffic could be improved by changing “generic” to an assigned tail number or other realistic call signs.

Placing a gigantic notification right on what you are “trying” to look at ie… instrumentation, airports, etc… This is why in the aircraft I have it turned off, but when creating flight plans it is right on the airport. Also turn filters on by default or have it more easily assessable, not every flight I make requires Sid’s or Stars, so the default flight planner is sufficient for my GA flights.