[Polls] Sim Update 15 ( Discussion

If I trust Volanta :
59°36’38.5"N 133°26’47.3"W

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I’ll have a look tonight to see what I see, then report back.

Most of the time I’ve encountered this, a subsequent investigation of aerial imagery reveals there to be smoke, clouds, or heavy snow/glacial ice fields obscuring the terrain. I believe the sim defaults to landclass textures when this happens. I ran into this quite a lot touring BC and the Canadian Rockies a few years ago.

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Just firing the sim up now, but decided to take a look at Bing Maps. Initially a copy past of the lat/long above put me in France. A copy/paste of “59.6107677,-133.4490359” put me in Canada.

Zoom 12.3

Zoom 12.7

There doesn’t seem to be better quality maps for the higher zoom levels in that location, along quite a large vertical strip.

Comparing it in the sim where the resolution changes on the right side might give you the answer.

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Mine won’t update, it goes for a while then goes back the beginning. It just loops. I heard something about mods affecting updates, I only have the “your controls” mod. Please help.

When is Asobo rolling out fixes for the really bad LOD, blurry patches with no textures and graphics until you’re almost right on top of them, pathetic photogrammetry in places like London and Paris, objects popping in and out of view (distance LOD) and wildly inconsistent performance. Only AI generated buildings and objects look okay. Photogrammetry is really all over the place… no amount of tinkering will solve these problems and my internet or console is not the issue.

Everything looked and played so perfectly a few SUs ago. How did it ever get like this on Xbox?


They are on vacation. Especially today in France being Bastille day.

As you know we are supposed to get a SU16 in August. Whether they have a beta for that we don’t know. Whether it’s in the beginning of August or the end of the month we don’t know. I was looking forward to hearing the plans during the dev livestream and Q&A that was rescheduled for this upcoming week.

While I’m excited to have another beta to restore our LOD to what it used to be on series x… I feel this is the best they can do, and this will remain like this. We have been told time and time again we are on the same sim pc and Xbox. That simply isn’t true anymore. The Xbox version is not even close to pc when it used to be pretty darn close.
The Xbox version is now watered down so much it’s tasteless. I sure hope 2024 doesn’t have this disparity between the two platforms. They reel you in to buy an Xbox then a few years later here I am looking at PC builds… I appreciate the time I had with my series x, but SU15 killed that.

Like I said 29 days ago…

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Hmm, whats wrong with the prog? Updated after 8 weeks without gaming yesterday, and now loading the VR flight and 30seconds later CTD?!
(no adds loaded)

Edit - solved. First Time in 3 Years, that i must lowered thr CPU Clock :thinking: