Pop Out Instruments! - It Works!

Um, then don’t click on the popout gauges. :wink:

They are for viewing , not for interaction.

Once you have moved them to where you want, just click on the main display to regain control.

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Instruments you can’t interact with… Useless.


exaclty useless, I hope it’s on the roadmap, we need pop up windows with command button !

If you are still looking for popped out G1000 Panels take a look at this:
You’ll need:

  • Air Manager 4.0 beta (free right now)
  • Mobiflight (specifcally the WASM Event Module in the Beta Version)
  • My G1000 Overlay (based on RUSS BARLOWS excellent earlier work.) Linked in the thread below

More info here:

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Do you have a automatic popout and Position From the mfd and pfd Display in the air manager panels or you must every flight New Position the popout?

Right Now you must do the popout yourself . I’m looking into what is possible but at this point I do not a have that part of the solution.

I too would love to have some persistence as to where pop out windows go. It’s annoying to have to manually set this up every single flight. I think Asobo will have to implement that though. Their pop out window system right now is very crude and not very good IMHO.

There is a windows layout tool that supposedly can do this. I have read a little but not played with it.

Yes, I use this to grab my “popped out” panels and move them to my 4th monitor. Its a bit of a fiddle because the panels have no window titles to identigying them, but you can use coordinates to grab the panel windows and move them to pre-defined locations.


I saw this Tool too but 10 years old. lol

Its evertime the popout Windows the same id? than i can with Koordination the Windows on the place and the Setup its All time the same

Someone got a solution to save the instruments on each monitor.

Is that a question or an affirmation? If an affirmation, kindly elaborate please. As far as I know, it can be done with Powertoys in Windows 10.

Hey all I did a pop out experiment and moved it to an Android tablet using spacedesk, works great but it just kills my old Nvidia 1060. Just got to wait for the 3xxx’s to be available sometime. Anybody got it working well with something like a 1060?

What’s the trick to getting rid of the menu bar in a popped out window? I’ve got the GNS-530 popped out onto it’s own 5" display, the task bar is hidden - but I can’t remember / figure out how to get rid of the menu bar at the top of the window? Thanks!

Edit: Found it. Move the instrument window to the new monitor. Hit the full size box on the menu bar of the window with the instrument. Then press Alt-Enter. More good info can be found here - Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 Support | RealSimGear Help Center

I use 2D panels on a GTX 1070, but with panels on a real monitor (and then I don’t look at that and have another tool to copy the images off them and interact etc.). The problem in your scenario is that Spacedesk inherently will be very very slow (at least with our class of graphics cards) due to how it works.

The main problem with Spacedeck is not that the app is slow…It could be slower. The problem is that it slows the overall sim by droping the fps…

I see no performance degradation from using SpaceDesk. What gives you the performance hit is breaking out the instrument windows. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a single monitor or 5, nor how those displays are connected. The initial “container” that’s created when I pop out my first instrument drops me by 8-10 fps. Each subsequent instrument is about another 2-3 fps.

Luckily, my system is fast enough to keep me around a 25-30 fps mark despite that, outside of the super busy airports and cities that tend to drop me to 20-ish. I tend to avoid those places.

Also, you can increase refresh rate of SpaceDesk to 60 fps (default is 30) to make it nice and smooth, but you have to lower the display quality to counter for the extra hit it will have on your tablet.

Hi there,

I’ve tried your recommended WiLMa and basically it works fine - but it does not when MSFS is running, at that time I only get ‘Access Denied’ exceptions, so what did you do to get it to run?

Thanks in advance

Hi, no the popping out works perfectly fine, it’s that WiLMa is not working. Whenever I try to test or find the respective windows, it throws an Access Denied exception.

I have always used a 2nd PC with gauge displays so tell me, how does this effect FPS? It used to always dramatically reduce them in previous platforms. I take it there is no way to drag those over to a client PC?