Pop Out Instruments! - It Works!

This is a HUGE find for cockpit builders. If you are limiting your FPS externally, you need to disable it to reduce the FPS hit of the extra windows.

I wont steal CaptNetflix’s thunder…

My apologies if you already know this.


Have you tried this on GA which has G1000? I would love to use G1000 on my second screen :slight_smile:

GREAT! Thanks! This is very interesting as a first step in order to clean the main view and leave it for the sceneries! I am looking forward to be able to use other monitors for gauges and displays…!

The only problem is that the knobs and switches don’t pop out making controlling of the AP etc still very cumbersome.


Yes it works in the GA planes too.


also, when they’re in the 2nd window, clicking the magnifying glass with the + in it will allow you to pop that out into its OWN window, free from the other windows you’ve popped out.

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I wanted to set up an AutoHotKey script to automatically position these pop-outs on my other monitor, but the windows have no titles to be easily identified by the code.

Unfortunately, the window positions are not remembered when you save the flight.

I have submitted a request


Great find but its unfortunate that the buttons don’t come with the screen!

I’ve finally got round to setting up saved views and that works well. Got lots of spare buttons on my Virpil Moongoost throttle so using them to toggle to a close up view of the GNS530 etc etc so I can actually see what I’m doing. Another bonus is that the saved views are unique to each aircraft.


Grate news !
I’ll test it today.

Yes it works.

This is a small but important fraction of what “Cockpit Builders” need - and we thank the Developers for granting us this.

True, native multi-monitor capability - [pending]
Native Gauge relocation for dashboard builders- [pending]
simconnect fix - [pending]
moving Nav/GPS screens - [working]

This Sim will get there. We have to accept the limitations for now and work together to bring focus to the developers to our actual needs. We should not have to rely on 3rd party payware for multi-monitor support in 2020.

Home made Instrument Panel [works in XP]

Cessna Switch/Lights Panel [works in MSFS 2020]

Long history of loving MSFS


Awesome ty

How did you save views ? Like Custom view ?

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Very simple when I sat down and looked at it. Sat in cockpit, Panned and zoomed into the instrument I was interested in, Garmin for example and then hit Ctrl Alt and 0 to save first custom view. Then in controls I selected Camera and assigned a button on my throttle to show custom view 0. The button toggles so you can quickly check out the Garmin or whatever. You can save 10 views this way and they are unique to whatever aircraft you were in when you saved them. Really pleased with myself!

Super feature. Thnxs for sharing.

FYI. Pop-out positions don’t save. Here is a way to position the windows automatically.

I use a semi automated method of positioning the windows back where I want them so I don’t have to manually reposition and resize every time.

I pop out the windows and then use Windows Layout manager to reposition them.

I found it much easier than messing around resizing and moving to very specific locations on my 4th “Avionics” monitor.

20200823_104938 (Custom)

I have raised a request to give the popouts a unique title name each to make it easier for other apps to find them.

I have also asked for the “Save Flight” function to remember the positions of the popouts.


I’m wondering if windows position can be done via the new Microsoft Powertoys tool on github? I may give it a try later. If anyone else does this in the meantime, could they post back their results? Thanks.

Link to powertoys: https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys

hey Dizzy how did you get the saitek panels to work, my yoke and rudder work but none of the panels (radio bip, fip and so on)

You need SPAD.Next or AxisAndOhs software.

Thx just got but setup pweee looks not so easy. I’ll manage :slight_smile:

When I do that if I click on the pop out gauges the sim stops responding to my control inputs.