Pop-up Window Resolution Issue in VR

Anyone noticed this issue with the VFR Map in VR?
The map is not displayed anymore as a moveable windows but instead follows my sight right in plain center view. Also, the resolution has degraded a lot.
Is is absolutely unusable.

This is a regression from the last update it seems.

It’s actually happening for all popup windows during flight.

I had a similar issue but now fixed. Ridiculously, selecting higher resolution in graphic/pc (not vr!!) solved my problem. Give a try!

PS. How about changing the title of this thread with something like ‘resolution issue with vr pop up widows’. Current one looks about too broad issues.

mine problem that I can’t seem to find anywhere replicated is that my flight plan that I set in world map before flight is not drawn in the vfr map nor garmin. But it’s there when I go to navlog though. But the pink line between points is not showing :stuck_out_tongue: somone got that too?

yeah, found it:

That happens to me too. Lenovo explorer.

Good suggestion. Done.

I happen to also have a Lenovo Explorer.
Cannot be this specific device and probably happens to many WMR users.

Hopefully it’s a coincidence.
I don’t see others with the same problem.
Sorry for my English.

Same here Rift S rtx 2060

Thanks for posting.
I guess you’re on Steam and not on WMR. Also, did it appear with the last update?

Look, we have another one :wink:
And your English totally is fine.

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Yep, steam, and of course after last update. ATC and map windows blurry

Does the popup window remain in the center and follow your head?

Well, I found a fix.

While in VR, press TAB to open the VR menu bar.
Once visible, use the rightmost option (settings) and use the option to reset the panels state.
Screen will skip a frame or two and there you go, it fixes them all.

Probably some weird state that persisted following the update.
Everything is now back to normal.

It seems we have to do this for every session.


Thank you! This fixed my issue:)

Perfect !!
It works.
I have to do it every time I start a flight.

Same here. Noticed it late yesterday.

It really appears to be a bug from the last release though. Will report it.
At least, we have a quick way to fix it.


The Resolution is Bad
cant read the map or other custom toolbars. its really Bad to read
everywhere same proplem?

I have the same issue. Haven’t found a fix.

What is your resolution setting for the screen in the sim setting menu?

PC or vr?
PC 5040 1050
vr not change

Was working before Update