Post Your Inappropriate Landings

Do you fly with the Bush League Legends, too?

No. I’m pretty much a solo flyer.

Awww. I was the same way until I found BLL. Learned a lot from the real pilots in the group, had a lot of laughs, and learned to land just about anywhere.

An abandoned Target?


That is a tough plane for a landinng like that…

That’s just awesome…side of the hill…

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Test flying a Lanc port. Homeowner wasn’t too thrilled…


My screen goes to black and it says, “You collided with an object” and plays sad music.

How do you accomplish this?

Not abandoned.

The above was my only good (but inappropriate) landing at the observatory, I could take off again…

Actually I prefer Cessna-152 for landing at difficult spots, but it is hard to get a Cessna-152 up to that height… below picture took me 45 minutes flying up in circles… alas I crashed on landing, did not try again…


If you turn damage/collisions off in options, it’ll keep the simulation running while your plane bounces around and settles at some awkward angle so you can take screenshots. :wink:

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Stonehenge on winter solstice

English Heritage would be so mad if I taxiied all over this site :wink:

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Actually not that inappropriate…


Well, the grass needed some mowing anyway… :wink:

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New airplane ! Kitfox-STi.

This type allows very short take off and landing. It is very slow and controlling it when motor is off feels like a glider. Below inappropriate landing was somewhere in the outskirts of Gibraltar, it went flawless… I took off again, same spot… go left… freedom



I have been doing that with it on - the challenge, of course, of not killing yourself or your plane…

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Woooww…I need to look that plane up. There have been many i have been SO CLOSE…but still crash/fall/sink.

That is just a beautiful photo!

Thx, I tried the Devils Tower landing challenge with KitFox Sti, last night… near good, see below. Landing was actually near stalled (=optimal !) on the other side but still, the remaining speed was too high… I then tried handbreak + turn quick (enter key) but this plane has the habit of tilting forward when you use handbrake. The motor is heavy, it will simply flip over and put the propellers in the ground… But I think… I survived it ! I am on the top… :smiley_cat: when it is perfect I will post it.

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