Problems with ORBX

I had to deinstall and reinstall in a different directory and now my ORBX sceneries are not listed any more as owned but offered in the marketplace…
I deinstalled them too and reinstalled with ORBX Central, but to no avail.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Did you buy them from ORBX or Microsoft? They are two different stores. If you buy something in one store, you don’t own it in the other store.

If you are looking at the same store you bought them in and they are showing up as not bought, you need to talk to either ORBX or Microsoft depending on which store you’re in.

I bought in the marketplace and they show up in my account as “completed”, but thea are not visible and offered again for purchase.
This is then a pure MSFS problem I think and should be taken care of asap!
As far as I can see I am not alone with this issue unfortunately…

BTW, the sceneries show up as owned in ORBX Central and are stored on my hard disk, but it is the simulator app that does not work properly!!!

Thank your trying to help, I can only hope that the announced first update will take care of this issue, too! :frowning:

If you bought them in the in-game Marketplace, you bought them from Microsoft and they should show as owned in the Marketplace. If they show up as owned in ORBX Central then you bought them from ORBX.

For example, I bought KORS from ORBX because I already owned ORBX KORS for Prepar3d so I got a discount on the MSFS purchase that is only available directly from ORBX. If I look in the Microsoft Marketplace, KORS shows as unpurchased and they want full price to sell me another copy.

I suspect you are mistaken and actually bought your scenery directly from ORBX and not from the in-game Marketplace. You should have an email receipt from ORBX that confirms this. You’ll want to check with ORBX for support if your products are not actually working in the sim. Not showing as owned in the Marketplace doesn’t mean they aren’t working.

For what it’s worth, buying directly from ORBX is better. You’ll get updates faster and you’ll also be eligible for discounts if you decide to try a different flight sim and want to use some of the same scenery. ORBX also does periodic sales, which I don’t know if the Marketplace will honor. You’ll also get new releases earlier. There are several ORBX airports for MSFS that are not available in the in-game Marketplace yet.

Thank you Hokulewa for your kind information and support.
As you suspected I have bought two products (LOWI and London City Pack) directly from ORBX and I found the co firmations in my email. So that seems to be settled then, IF the scenery is actually displayed in the sim.
That, however, I cannot check at this time, because I have deinstalled MSFS again after my first reinstall. It kept telling me that I had no internet connection (I have a pretty fast one even!) and it was extremely SLOW in loading and generally just not like the very first installation was in a few more aspects.
So I decided to wait for at least a first update (which has been announced), before I spent another 3 or so hours downloading data I have already downloaded TWICE (another bug in their installation procedure I find - it should be possible to save the data on a medium and use them at a later stage, then update if necessary!)
Thank you again for your valuable information and the hint to better give all the proceeds toORBX directly instead of leaving a cut for M$… :slight_smile:

Have a good start into the new week and all the best!

where does ORBX place the purchased addon?

Moral of the story is, MSFS Market Place is offering some nice holiday deals, but the store is still very buggy, and these forums are stuffed with paid for orders, but no access to the content. If you really want something without the hassle of the MSFS Market Place, much better off purchasing it from the vendors website.

You choose - either directly into Community folder OR into an Orbx Library it creates on your PC and THEN places a shortcut to that location into the Community folder.

My only issue with Orbx [apart from the outrageous prices] was having to do the
interminable Orbx shuffle!
But now that I have MSFS 2020 those shackles are well and truly off.
No more Orbx for me!

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What do you mean by ‘Orbx shuffle’?

Ah. It relates to how you have to install Orbx components in a particular order and how you then order them in the scenery index. And, of course, having to keep repeating the process every time a new P3d iteration came along.
Believe me, when you have a lot of components [airports, scenery, global products and landclass etc]
this became a real chore.

Is all of that necessary if I’m ordering Orbx for FSMS?

No. I have a ton of them and I do NO SUCH THING. They all work just fine.

No. As I indicated, this was when using P3d - my choice of flight simulator before
MSFS 2020 became available.
And, of course, MSFS 2020’s superior photogrammetry now means that Orbx is,
in my opinion, completely redundant.
Happy Days.

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Thanks for the quick replies.

Merry Christmas

Interesting when I compare default London to ORBX’s that there is no comparison. The MSFS version is absolutely pants.

Yes, fair point.
But, of course, you had to pay extra for it!
Try buying say just ten or more of the hundreds of city’s that come inclusive with MSFS 2020 and you will be paying many times more than the cost of the sim itself!

Besides, what you consider superior is when comparing the sim before the due patch for the entire UK.
That’s the whole UK, free, gratis and for nothing!

And to describe the current default London as “pants” is, frankly ridiculous, bordering on hyperbole!
It is very acceptable on my hardware!

I flatly disagree with you mon capitaine, but each to their own innit.

Haha. Glad we can disagree, agreeably.