Project Persia | OIIE Tehran IKA Scenery Coming to MSFS 2020!

MSFS 2020 has made flying over Iran with its mesmerizing mountainous landscapes such a joy that a few of us (who were never scenery developers) have started a project to build out the most detailed sceneries of the airports in the country ever made on any platform!

We start with OIIE Tehran IKA which I hope you all enjoy - plan for release this weekend…


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This looks an exciting project! If you’d like to post your future announcements in our #third-party-addon-discussion:product-announcements category, you can join as a trusted 3rd party developer! This is only if you’d like though.

See this topic for more information and the criteria:

Good Luck! :smile:

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This looks very good.

I’m glad someone is making this area of the world properly since there was a group selling Iranian airports without any custom objects, simply using default buildings.

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I am eagerly awaiting for this to release.

مرسی از بابت سخت کوشیتون

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Will it be payware or freeware?

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OIIE will be payware but we will release some other smaller airports as freeware.


I’m amir zare
please give me your mail

Very well done.Thank you Amir jan.
امکان خرید در ایران وجود داره؟

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For sure - will find a way for that - it just wouldn’t make sense otherwise!

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when can we expect release, you said hopefully this weekend?

It is good idea to make it available in online stores like Digikala etc.

I’m waiting for SM to release on their side. I’ve uploaded all the files yesterday so hopefully will be today / tomorrow. At least that’s what I was promised.

Ill explore that for sure.

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It’s out :smiley:

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Do you have any plans to produce scenery addons like Orbx cityscapes?

I know one freeware developer on has done a few buildings for Tehran which are very good, but I would love to see a really detailed Tehran city.

I never flew in Iran before MSFS, but now think it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

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It would be great to do!

At the moment we are working on OIII (Mehrabad) which may include some nice surrounding landmarks.

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This is by far the best I have ever seen OIIE in any sim add on to date, the sheer level of detail is mind-blowing to me. I cannot recommend this enough, it will not disappoint.

Thanks Roozy!

Expect more in the coming weeks and months hopefully…

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Hi Amir jan,

Thank you for the great work. What are your plans for other airports? Any plans for Mehrabad? Tehran Scenery?