PSA: NVidia has found the root cause of stuttering and VR performance in their drivers!

He is right. Rolling back drivers to 457.30 got rid of my stutters too. And I’m already using a 3080 but unplayable with the 460 drivers. This is how smooth mine is now:

Through the Lens Video with G2


G2 definitely not Rift S. There is a lot problem with Rift S.

When i turn on Performance monitor - i see lots ‘app missed submit count’ counting up with red.
App Frame Rate not more than 20Hz

I tried any options and variations with different driver version and ODT options and InGame options.

same here. especially the “ground stutter” thing seems a lot better for me with the newest driver.

This begs a question, because I clearly don’t get the same outcome:

461.09 works better with WMR/G2 for you?

No I’m saying the contrary!

  • 461.09 with SteamVR 1.16.1 + the new throttling and motion smoothing = good
  • 461.09 with WMR = bad
  • 457.30 with any = always good (and maybe better than the 461.09 with SteamVR 1.16.1 but I’ve not measured this precisely because impression was quite good as-is)

Replaced my 1080ti with a 3070 (temp solution. Still waiting for the 3080ti). Tried with newest drives and it was terrible. Rolled back to 457.3 and it’s night and day. Nvidia needs to fix this ASAP. I have other games and don’t want to sit on aged drivers

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What about the 457.51; Should I DDU it and reinstall 457.30?

Couldn’t agree more, I think i saw on the Nvidia forum that they will release a new game ready driver when Hitman 3 gets released… so around the 20th I guess of Jan I guess.

Semi offtopic: Hitman 3 vr for pc comfirmed?

If you don’t know what to do with the 1080TI, and later with the 3070… :joy:

1080 is on eBay and so will 3070 someday. I was lucky to even find a shop selling any 30xx cards

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This is from 3 hours ago on Nvidia Forum

Here, they said it : " no stutters " :slight_smile:


Man that’s an awfully big claim.:pray:
This is the most excited I’ve ever been for a GPU driver.

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Big claim indeed, we’ll see about that…

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GPU monitoring utilities does this include occulus tray tool and things like zotac firestorm .

Hello which driver would you recommend for a 1080ti? Reverb G2. Thx

They seems to say all kind of gpu monitoring software running on background… Sad as I need to run MSI Afterburner to OC my GPU and manage my gpu fan curve. I can stop it, the OC will remain, but not the fan management… But hey! point 2 seems to say they will fully fix it later with monitoring software running, so hope we have :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately I had the Same observation mentioned in the Nvidia post. With MSI Afterburner, running in the background, I get stutters. It literally drove me insane! I couldnt get rid of the stutters until I shut down Afterburner. And I’ve always thought overclocking my GPU would help my Frames…:wink:

Did nVidia give a time frame for this next driver release?