PSA: NVidia has found the root cause of stuttering and VR performance in their drivers!

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Jan 20th ish…

For those of you who have good frames but annoying microstutters. I found out that they don’t occur on the intro video prior to starting your flight - which appears to be using the full render pipeline.

So I don’t think the rendering pipeline and therefore drivers are affecting the microstutters you get every second or so, this does infact seem a CPU issue. Hopefully though the introduction of DX12 might fix this as it alleviates the CPU for other things but I really hope the microstutters are resolved before then, like in the next patch!

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what are gpu monitoring tools - is that like hwmonitor and gpuz?

what about x1 precision? - i use that to OC my EVGA GPU

For me, those microstutters were completely gone with shutting down MSI Afterburner.
I’m on 10700k at 5.1 Ghz and RtX3090. OpenXR 100 and TAA 100

For me it was MSI Afterburner.

Just give it a try and run your card stock with no oc software in the background.

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Is this an issue with only Steam versions and not the windows store version using WMR?

100 and 100, with which headset?

With the G2.
With medium to high ingame graphic settings.

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I have to stick to 65 SS and 100 TAA with medium to high as well to keep it very smooth.

On a 10900k and 3090. I don’t have OC though. might be that

The two most important things for me were, disabling hyper threading in the bios and shutdown MSI Afterburner completely. Besides that I did all the optimisations from CptLucky8. Except in the Nvidia Control Panel i have triple buffering on and vsync in adaptive half refresh rate.
Before that i had good frames but little microstutters when turning my head.
I suggest Starting with OpenXR 100 and TAA 100 and the lowest possible ingame settings. See If you get a smooth, stutterfree image. Then turn up the things that are important to you.

With your specs, you should be able to run 100/100.
It’s just so much clearer.

Thanks! I’ll try the Nvidia settings you have and start at 100/100.

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I forgot, Motion reprojection always Off.

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Now time wants to crawl waiting on this new driver😒

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I think I’m going to reinstall Geforce Experience so I can snag this new driver as soon as it comes out. If it causes problems, I can always roll back.

You don’t need GEF for installing a driver though. Just install it!

How to install Nvidia drivers properly when trying out different versions

@CptLucky8, yes, I know, but that way I’ll be notified of it faster, in the event I don’t see a post here or elsewhere that it’s been released. Once I’ve got it, I can uninstall Geforce Experience.

On a side note, you’re going to have to publish an acronym dictionary lol… Sometimes I get lost in your posts just because you’re using one I’m not familiar with. I don’t know if you’re making them up yourself, or if I’m just missing their usage elsewhere, but either way I end up lost at times.

Even in this case, if you weren’t responding to my post about installing Geforce Experience (ps… please tag me when you respond to my posts, the way the forum software works, I might otherwise miss the posts), I would be questioning what you meant by “GEF”…

@KevyKevTPA bip bip (this is a notification :grinning: )

It is possible sometimes I invent some acronyms but usually they should resemble the acronyms I’m seeing in other places.

As for knowing when the next driver releases, I’d bet you’ll find this out faster here, along with the information whether it is worth it :joy: There are usually 2 information spreading faster than speed of light in flight simulation: new simulator versions, and new driver versions!


Also I don’t think GeForce Experience notifies you of hotfixes - just the major releases.

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Either way, I promise to uninstall GFE as soon as I’ve installed it, regardless of how I end up finding out. I can’t say I noticed any performance hits with it on, but one of the problems with that statement is the very wide variety of situations within the sim (such as taxiing on the ground at Charles de Gaulle vs. at cruise at FL400 in the WT CJ4), such things are sometimes hard to notice without very controlled testing.

At any rate, I don’t much like GFE, because I’ll manage my own graphics settings, tyvm. If you guys happen to see that it’s out before it becomes widely known, please do let me know so I can get it installed and done…

Nvidia hotfix available: