PSA: NVidia has found the root cause of stuttering and VR performance in their drivers!

Thanks for the heads up! I’m on it like syrup to pancake!!

Hope it fixes stuttering in SteamVr as advertised.

Installed that latest hotfix driver. No difference for me, I still have stutters. It does say it only fixes stutters in SteamVR though.

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i fear that this is the case, the g2 stutters are not nvidia driver related and i dont think they will ever be resolved fully

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Very disappointing, does it mean for MS version there would be no improvement?

would appear that way

anyone actually has registered a difference with a 2080ti using the older drivers and the last drivers using a reverb g2 using the wmr implementation?

i have a 3090 so i cant do a direct comparison between old driver and last driver

This latest driver fixes the SteamVR stuttering only I believe.

Hi all
Nvidia have just released a Geforce Hotfix driver 461.33 available through Guru3d as Geforce Experience won’t see it as a new driver.
Among a few game fixes it has a fix for SteamVR:
[Steam VR game]: Stuttering and lagging occur upon launching a game (Without using any Hardware monitoring tool). [3152190]

Anyone tried it yet as I’m using Oculus for openXR at the moment on a link cable for my Quest 2 but if this helps will try Virtual desktop again.

Its worth remembering this is just a hotfix, its not a full updated driver. Hopefully the full driver update will fix the stuttering issue that those of us who aren’t running SteamVR experience.


2070 here. I just installed the hotfix but also disabled hyperthreading (10850K) for the first time. I see lots of references to that helping with AMD and don’t know whether it helps on Intel CPUs, but I clearly have invalidated a pure driver comparison.

With that caveat, I see a definite improvement (all other recent drivers performed very poorly for me, so I had stayed with 457.30). I don’t have the time to run any extensive tests back-and-forth, but I just loaded the A330NX at my local airport (KSAV) and was seeing much more blue in the OpenXR timings sitting on the runway. Whether this was the hotfix, disabling hyperthreading or the combination is unclear, but I seem to have made incremental progress at least.

I have a 3090 on the way, so I am anxious to see how this shakes out.

So I have 461.09 drivers.

Now I’m wondering whether or not to install this hotfix or try out the old 457.30.

I don’t use SteamVR for MSFS but I do have a steam copy of MSFS.

Testing now on the 3090

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So, are we test pilots or test drivers…ha…haha…ha, sorry that wasn’t funny…ha.

On the I9-10900KF and 3090, well… it’s bad, same issue as with the previous versions. Stutters, can’t even reach 30 FPS while I have a steady 30 on the G2, in all weather at 70 SS and 100 TAA with 457.30. Don’t know what’s going on here. I don’t use Steam VR

I have clouds and trees on high, AO on low, no reflections, 100 to 120 terrain LOD.

I moslty fly the C172.

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I have a 3090, Reverb G2 and i910900k with 461.09. Over the last week I have focused my VR flight using general aviation planes only. I have settled on using the settings
OXR 90%
100% TSA in game and most settings on high or ultra
…one more thing I have played with is this NVCP setting

Virtual Reality Pre – Rendered Frames at 3 instead of 1

I am having a blast with buttery smooth flights from anywhere (busy Tokyo area to beautiful Alps mountains in Europe or even KLAX or SoCal…). And graphics are very sharp considering I am using high or ultra.


for me it feels worse in the quick 5 min test i’ve done, highly doubt it is worse though…

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This might be a good idea maybe for any 30XX (vs 20XX), or with the more recent drivers, or because you have plenty of VRam in a 3090?

In all my tests I’ve found out the only setting eliminating some forms of stuttering was 1. All others (app defined or any other number) were really causing problems. But again this might be due to the 2070S not capable to delivering enough and for which this kind of setting is really having a greater overall impact when all other parts of the video card are highly saturated already. This is just speculation but worth revisiting indeed.


Yep, I’ll try that right away with both drivers.

Thanks for the tip @camer


WOW! I installed the latest nVidia driver and then the hotfix. My system was brought to its knees. I got a huge .5FPS! yes… .5! I had 2 CTD’s so reverted back to the 457.30. This does NOT bode well for the future of nVidia. I was looking forward to them fixing their issues but it appears as if they threw spaghetti against the wall, hoping it would fix it. NOT!

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Hello, please can you precise FS2020 version and GPU? thx and sorry for the result …

nVidia driver was the latest 461.09 then I added the 461.33 HOTFIX. I also added the SteamVR BETA Update. Interesting thought here is that even tho I just switched back to the 457.30 nVidia driver, the sim still crashes now and the frame rate are well below 1FPS! Maybe it is the SteamVR Hotfix that hosed everything.