Purchased Premium Deluxe not showing on Xbox

Hi there

I purchased “Premium Deluxe” and ONLY the lowest version is showing as purchased

I had verified this Play Anywhere prior to purchase with Microsoft customer service, pls correct



You probably need to download the extra stuff from the content manager.

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No not appearing… thanks anyway.

Also it’s 27th here AEST and the game isn’t going.

Do you mean the game doesn’t start? Because it’s only after the game starts that you can download the premium content.

No the 27th appears to be New York USA time.

I can assure you it’s the 27th in New York as well.

I also purchased premium deluxe, but only got access to the deluxe upgrade in the marketplace. I opened a ticket in Zendesk.

No need for a ZenDesk ticket; that’s just how it works. The additional content is downloaded through the Content Manager or Marketplace tabs.


Hello, here the same problem. I preordered Premium Deluxe edition for 119€. But today, in the market of the game only shows adquired Premium upgrade, whit 5 airports and 5 planes.

The Premium Deluxe edition i purchased, have 10 airports and 10 planes. Actually i wait a solution from Xbox or Asobo, i don’t pay the most expensive edition for the half of the content i pay.

The same problem I encounter. Something that is noticed only after release I think.

Exactly the same issue for me. I’ve purchased the premium deluxe version and it’s only given me the option to install the premium upgrade.

I’ve got no other options to get the content from the store

Same here, hopefully they will fix it.

Got the same problem I hope they fix this

Okay … the game is up.

Keep you posted re Premium Deluxe DLC access.


Upgrade Manager is applying Deluxe Premium Upgrade 2.13G

Keep you posted.

Same issue,

Hard reset console, checked content manager. I am not able to download the full premium deluxe edition content. It is as if I never purchased it.

Please fix this issue.

Hey, just to follow up on your post. This IS an issue as people such as myself have purchased the premium deluxe edition and even in the content manager in game it does not register that we have purchased this edition and it still has the purchase option and will not allow us to purchase it or download the content. We are only able to download the deluxe content but not premium deluxe.



Bummer :frowning: .

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I’m with same problem, hopefully will be fixed soon

Same problem. Any official reply yet, anywhere?