QNH change with no atc advise

Hi everyone
Since the last update the atc call and say you are too high or too low on ifr flightlevel , this is because your QNH just switch on a standard QNH 29.92 without atc advertising.

Do you have a tips for that or the reason of this issue?

Press B from time to time to set the current barometric pressure.

:joy: I forget the magic switch, thank you for your help


but I see simply bad habbit with that B key, simply you pick up QNH/altimeter settings on airport and you need have it set as is required, also no change during flight time to time. This can be problem if press change during pass of areas you fly, I expect ATC hold itself that press set as reference and you simply can’t have same if you change it during flight. Ok, I just only report my thoughts and also don’t fly generic ATC because of absolutelly no realistic.

Also remember, above 18000, always 29.92 (101.3)
Below that local pressure as advised by ATC or by pressing (as you know) the B button.

This is not correct IRL, as the 18000 varies in different areas, but the sim doesn’t differentiate.


Sorry if this is a silly question but on metar readings the QNH is four numbers such as 1031 and is there a conversion to what you input in the plane such as 29.92? I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but had to ask :slight_smile:

No, there is a knob on the panel to change from one to the other.

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The QNH of 1031 you quote is in hectopascals which is the standard used throughout Europe and indeed most of the rest of the world except USA which uses inches - 29.92 your figure.

Unfortunately, being a US-based game, the sim doesn’t handle Hp very well - it can be changed but is then associated with other unit changes which spoil it, well for me anyway.

I downloaded and printed out a conversion chart which I keep handy (Google is your friend).

Incidentally the 18000 ft “transition level”, where you change the regional QNH to the standard setting, is not universal. AFAIK it applies outside controlled airspace in USA but here in UK it’s generally 10,000ft/FL100 everywhere unless otherwise advised. Not sure of elsewhere.


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