Quest 3 and MSFS - please make reports here

You really need to delve into all your settings and monitor changes one at a time in order to understand how they all interact. For starters, dx12 and HAGS on is not a good place to start imho. Try to get yourself oprimized without either of these to begin with, then maybe try these later and find out they don’t add anything to PCVR right now, lol!

I have done a lot of this kind of testing and found settings that work very well for me with both Link and Air Link. I posted these recently and you may want to try these out.

While some users suggest that VD wirless is the only way to get a perfect setup. I strongly disagree. I have use VD of +4.5 years starting with my Q1 and I continually check and compare it to Air Link. Both Link and Air Link have continued to improve over time. With the latest v63 both Meta wired and wireless options work better than ever and even battery life has been significantly extended by 30-50%. Those that say otherwise either have hardware issues (eg cable, usb ports) and/or do not understand how to properly setup things to begin with. I’m not saying I cannot get very good results with VD. with VDXR my rtx4090 av1 at 130mbps works very well, but not significantly better than Air Link at 200mbps dynamic hevc.

As much as I love being wireless, I still can get better results with my official link cable at 650mbps encoding bitrate. With Link I get better distance clarity (and these pop in earlier) and 7-10ms less latency than any wireless options. However, wireless with Air Link or VD is still very flyable.

I kinda get tired of reposting my settings in this thread, but here goes one last time, lol!