Question about melted lego block looking building scenery

It looks like the spirit of FSX is still with us. :slight_smile:


Yah, it is a real annoying issue. And no matter what I do it doesn’t get better… who knows!

At lower level with photogrametry this will happens no matter which source, it doesn’t capture ground level, unless you are using autogen hand made modelled, (photogrammetry to off)

Your issue at higher altitude, Bing (became triangle shaped building until aircraft is close to) it’s related to LOD setting which should be increased from MSFS code, but you can do this for now PSA: LOD Slider Can Be Increased Past 200 - Dramatically Improves Photogrammatery

these are my pictures from germany from my home town ! :smirk:
I think i know that i did not have that to release…


You are zooming it’s worst, set zoom to normal. But it’s related to LOD setting which should be increased from MSFS code, but you can do this for now PSA: LOD Slider Can Be Increased Past 200 - Dramatically Improves Photogrammatery

please vote to this thread, press button vote at the left of the the tittle…
Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth

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I appreciate it, but I will have to wait until they fix this. The “streaming” aspect of the sim is not working correct. It is not using enough bandwidth. I can’t do that LOD fix, it will tax my PC too much. Game is already working it as hard as it can. I am stuck with the nasty textures for now. Luckily I don’t really fly too many big cities.


It is not the streaming, not Bing, not internet, downloading cache locally will be the same with offline mode, it’s the LOD code\ setting, again lod quality should be increased from Fs team which is possible, at the moment LOD texture and LOD building are together, they need to separate them from LOD slider to start and increase.

Ps: Hope you have not been misleading from someone at avsim which confuse all people, he speculate much and contradict himself.


Agree cache, internet speed doesn’t make a difference. Here is the USS Rancocas a naval vessel that sits on dry land in New Jersey. And, here is a picture of the great pyramids of center city Philadelphia.

@AsoboPM we would just like you to acknowledge this is a bug and let us know you are working on it. Don’t Apple us.


I have just turned it off for now. Too nasty


I’ve put the sim down for now.
Its just not ready to enjoy for me yet.


Actually, MSFS needs the fastest download rate you can procure at your home. I have 385 down-rate…and I get instant crisp photo-gram visuals. So, the faster you can get/afford, the better.

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Pics of Downtown Manhattan below 1k feet?

Passing by NYC… nice eh


Turn on ultra for everything, especially lod, grass, texture detail. Your computer can handle it. Lock your frame rate in sim to below 30, lock it in the gpu at 30.

It will all render fine. You can turn off multiplayer and AI traffic to test your baseline.

If you have bad internet, you will have to download the data to a region cache, but medium quality will help you avoid the lego block issues with trees as building will render without data having to be downloaded. For high scenery areas, you will need to download in high quality.

Just be aware that rendering lots of objects at high levels of detail will impact your frame rates.

Then it would be infuriating to the community that they put 50Mb/s as the Ideal connection speed, in other words saying we cannot do better with anything beyond that.

When in reality to get promo-level quality and results you can benefit from way way more than that.


100MBPS here and still getting this…

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Still seeing it after the patch!

Yup and all the naysayers have yet to post screens under 1000ft or on ground with clear crisp objects…typical :rofl:

This is what I don’t understand. I don’t think it is my system, but many will say oh it is just your setup… hopefully will be fixed one day.