Quickie Q200 from Lionheart Creations released

Howdy! Neat little airplane. I remember visiting the Quickie factory in Eloy AZ about 30-35 years ago. I think they were using VW engines at the time. I bought the plane for MSFS2020 and took a r/t flight to Eloy from Chandler AZ. Seemed to work pretty well. Just 2 issues that I noticed that I could use some help with:

  1. I have to turn on the Avionics before any lights work, is this true to like?

  2. I was a bit confused about getting my CG within limits. I was able to get within limits by moving the Empty CG Position %MAC to 8.00 ( slider all the way to the left) with full tanks and a 270 lb pilot. Seems weird to me.

Any way, liking the plane. Nice Job!

I’m enjoying the Quickie, but I am having trouble getting it to hold trim. Any tips on trimming?

Hi! Yeah seems this aircraft is very twitchy. It’s fun to fly but has some quirks. Here’s what I usually do.

  1. I’ll set the autopilot for level and then let it sort out the trim. Lazy mode :slight_smile:

  2. I’ll typically cruise a lot slower, just over 100 kts on a very calm day and use more of the engine for trim and not as much trim settings.

Thanks, I tried both methods today. Neither is 100% satisfying.

I think that’s just the unstable nature of the plane. I do agree with you. I’ve even tried to edit the cfg files to reduce the instability, but no luck. I’d love for someone smarter than me to make a mod for this plane to make it a bit more stable.

i feel like this might be a controller issue. let me explain.

i was having major trim issues with the justflight hawk. i was using my honeycomb alpha and bravo and the trim was very difficult to get stable. i cut over to a flight stick and separate throttle i used for dcs and i am no longer having those issues. the control inputs are much smaller and the trim is set using a single click button versus the trim wheel on the bravo.

i don’t know if you guys are using the honeycomb stuff or not but the q200 trims up and is very easy to control with the stick versus my yoke setup.

Sorry, no, I have the TCA Airbus sidestick. I actually only trim using my keyboard. But the Q200 is trimmed up way too much on takeoff. I always set it lower on takeoff. I don’t have problems with any other planes in terms of trimming, I mostly fly GA too.

PS - I went back to messing with the flight_model.cfg again for the Q200 and I think I finally might be onto something. I’ve got it a lot tamer now. Let me know if you’re interested in trying it. NOTE: I’m not an expert at this, just looking up variables and tweaking things :slight_smile:

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I have a full set of Virpil controls, so it’s not a control issue for me. I have had similar issues getting the Justflight Hawk to hold trim as well. @sttovo By all means, share your tweaks. Maybe a thread on modding for better trim might be in order. :grinning:

I can’t find the flight_model.cfg file for the Q200 on my system. Are you modifying the generic singleprop-emtpy file or the asobo_generic_piston_singleEngine file??

I’m modifying the flight_model.cfg. Those are 2 files you mentioned I believe are for AI aircraft?

The flight_model.cfg file is here for me:

(Community folder)\lhc-aircraft-quickie-q200\SimObjects\Airplanes\LHC_Quickie_Q200\flight_model.cfg

I think if you purchased the Quickie from the Marketplace, you won’t have access to it, it’s encrypted. I bought mine from Simmarket.

Like I mentioned before, I don’t know what I’m doing LOL. I managed to get the Q200 a lot more stable in cruise, but landings are a total mess. Going too slow on touchdown causes a massive pitch upwards, stall, and crash.

Finally - I can’t seem to figure out how to set the default trim on startup, I modified the “flt” files, but nothing seems to change. I’ll keep working on it.

I really want to like this plane, I love its looks and speed, but can’t take the instability.

Maybe I should just email Bill and ask for a tweak :slight_smile:

PS - I bought the Learfan from Bill/Lionheart and I love it. I edited some of the textures to reduce the wide array of colors, I like it much better now. Oh, and I put the PMS GTN750 in the Learfan. Works great, much easier to change NAV frequencies.

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If you read the SDK tutorial, they have all the variables that pertain to trim.

Thanks! I can certainly set the trim with simconnect, I tested that and works fine, I’m trying to find a way for when the flight loads the trim is already set to my liking by default. So far, the *.flt files appear to not have any impact on default trim when the flight loads (even though the SDK says they should). I’ve been comparing with other planes and others seem to work fine. Not sure yet what I’m doing wrong.

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Sorry Sttovo you are having problems on landings. I know it did the skip and climb on me a couple of times. I had so much flight time from developing it, that I knew how to land it. The thing I remember most was if she porpoised and I overcorrected slightly, not a lot, and depending on the flaps setting, she would try to nose up. I wondered if the real plane does something similar. I havent read anything like that happening in Pireps from pilots of them, so I doubt it.

I’ll do some testing in it. Having been away from the girl for so long, I would be going back fresh and can see if something needs a tweaking.

I can tell you, you want to land her ‘flat’ in a 3 pointed touch down. That is key. If you can come down flat, keep your speed just right, and lightly touch down, you are fine. But if you porpoise, it can get rough.


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Thank you Bill for this great plane and giving me so much great feedback. This has been one of my favorite planes to fly!!

I’ll try with the advice you’ve given me. Right now, these are the main observations I have regarding this great plane:

  1. Porpoising on landing. I definitely seem to be doing better with a bit more speed and making sure I keep the nose down. Practice! :slight_smile:

  2. Inability to hold a constant vertical speed in cruise. I can’t find a way to keep it trimmed. I’m not talking a little up or down, I mean full swings +/- 1000 feet/sec. I’ve tested with different weather conditions and it seems to happen the most in live weather. Also, when using preset weather, any wind over 5 kts makes it almost impossible to trim. If I take all the wind out, it’s a little better.

  3. Finally, the AP always tried to pull up to 1000+ feet/sec when enabled instead of holding pitch and v/s like other planes and your Learfan. I just have to let it do its thing until it finally settles and after that it works fine.

And I’m always on the modern flight model.

Thanks Bill, I always appreciate your help.