Radeon 5700XT Driver Timeout

I had zero problems with msfs before the US-update and the introduction of VR. Will give older drivers a try. Funny my son had to do the same with his Nvidia drivers lately. Seems to be increasing more difficult to write stable drivers with hardware constantly pushing the limits nearer the physical limits…

I had a 1070 before this 5700xt. I can’t remember a CTD in any game with that card. I have had all kinds of crashes with the 5700xt since I bought it. Now MSFS is by far the worst game, but I have had driver timeouts with other games as well. Much much less infrequent. For this reason, I did all kind of stability testing on my machine with no issues found. Reinstalled the game, used driver cleaner tools, disabled XMP profiles, under volted my graphics card, etc. Nothing helped at all except for the driver roll back. So based on all of this, I don’t think it is an Asobo issue, I think it is an AMD issue at least in my case.

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I rolled my drivers back to the October ones Saturday night and have not had a single CTD/driver timeout so far!

I’ve got a flight time of 173 hours with the latest MSFS update and the 20.12.1 drivers (5700 XT, 4K/Ultra, Standard profile). The driver timeouts appear less often than previously, but they still appear when flying longer flights (live weather & traffic, B747-8, IFR). What’s even more funny about AMD, the bundled Assassin’s Creed Valhalla caused a driver timeout 3 minutes (!) after the first launch while still being in the game menu. Really embarrassing.

The newest driver, 21.1.1, is still causing occasional driver timeouts.

I’ve had these occasionally as well.
After increasing my virtual memory, the timeouts seem to have stopped. Maybe something to try for you as well.

Finally…Solved CTD issues… for those us with < 32 GB ram - Self-Service / PC & Hardware - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Thanks for the heads up, but I’m a bit skeptical about virtual memory in my case - I’m using 64GB at 3600Mhz.

To be honest, I was skeptical as well, since even though I’m on 16GB of 3200MHz memory, I rarely see the sim taking up more than 10-12GB outside of photogrammetry area’s, but it seems it has done the trick.

I went for 4096 MB / 24576 MB max.

Thank you very much it helped with my 5700xt getting from 100% every flight timeout crashes to 0% in whole last month!

I’m going to claim this issue fixed for me by just rolling back my AMD drivers for the GPU.

No driver timeout or vcruntime140 CTDs in almost 2 weeks!

I’ll try it out then. By the way, the newest driver release 21.2.1 is still causing CTDs, but without the driver timeout dialog. :rofl:


Same thing here… It’s really strange because i have a Radeon RX580 8GB, 16GB DDR4 2666MHz and a Ryzen 5 1600AF. Basically everything on my pc is on the recommended specs exept for the GPU (and the RX580 is really close to the RX590 in terms of performance), this should not be happening… The CTDs are always random to me, it happens on the menu, on the loading screen, on the airport gate, on the raunway, on the air, on a big plane like the 747, on a small plane like the XCub, with clear weather, with litarally a tropical cyclone and anywhere on the world… I really don’t understand why this is happening. Oh and btw I play on medium settings.

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Gigabyte 5700XT OC constantly crashing for me with driver timeout…I’ve used DDU and installed latest drivers yes this is still happening only with MSFS. I’ve also changed Tdr delay/2 Power connectors to GPU/ Not overclocked the card/ Windows latest version/ Page file on SSD… yet nothing seems to work… What is going on ?!

Don’t use the latest drivers…roll your drivers for the 5700XT back to the October version.

Have you got an FPS drop by doing this? What version exactly? Thanks

No frame rate issues or drops in FPS! Driver version is 20.10.1…see below pic


I’ll give it a try and feed back.

To date, my system seems to suffer an inherent software flaw. The RX5700XT appears to think it is overheating when ALL signs are to the contrary, but I have discovered this only after a modification made. I have measured the operating temps of both CPU and GPU to find them between mid 30s and early 40s degrees. I have also observed that simply minimising FS2020 to the taskbar switches the temperature of the GPU into the 60s and 70s in less than a second, physically impossible and not supported by any temperature measuring device. In addition the standard thermal gradient for the fans is far too ineffectual. After a modification to the thermal gradient, the fans now whirr into life (see picture attached) - for this I have used Adrenalize Software as a controller. The fans is now set to an aggressive 50 % at the lowest point, this controls all temps well, though there is room to play. The second I minimise FS2020, the temp is false and then the GFX shuts off. This is the limit of my experience so far, though I have yet to actually get the sim running. This improved my daily running markedly, though there are still the occasional restarts but nowhere near as many .

As far as I have seen, AMD main goal now are the 6800 series. New driver update was lunched mostly for these new gpu, they didn’t even care about the driver crash on 5700 series. To be honest, I am starting to be really disappointed with amd… This was my first full amd build pc and for sure the last one. I had almost for always Intel and nvidia and never had any kind of issues like I have with amd. Sometimes, cheaper doesn’t mean that will be good enough. But is just my opinion.

Nope, I’ve tried setting virtual memory 1G/4G (min/max) and 20G/60G (min/max). Both settings are still causing crashes - the only difference is that the game freezes and plays the sound for a few seconds, then crashes to desktop without the driver timeout dialog. Oh, and I also installed the newest version of the VC runtime (January release I think) prior to that.

To anyone mentioning that switching back to the October Radeon drivers works… Pure luck, I’ve tried that and the CTDs came back after a while.