Rain effects settings?

Hi there, since I am in a low to mid end graphics card I’ve lowered a lot of the MSFS graphical settings, but since I enjoy flying in rain a lot, I know that in cockpit view the windscreen effects is what affecting my rain effect experience, but how about the external camera? seems that only rain splash on the ground is visible but no rain drops falling in the air in that view, any suggestion on what setting would make it appear?

Rain effects are kind of messed up in last update. The windows used to look super cool with rain, now the rain is inside the windows inside the cockpit. its like a kid that can’t stay inside the lines with a coloring book.

As long as your windshield rain effects are on at a high enough level, you will see the rain effects. But they are ruined as of last update.

seems so, but is the external camera also ruined? coz now in external camera there’s no rain visible at all which is my main concern, in the cockpit view I use ultra setting which is fine

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