[RELEASE] MSFS Kinetic Assistant - SimConnect util for soaring and aircraft carrier landing/takeoff

Hey, everyone. Just want to let you know that new version of Kinetic Assistant available - originally it was focused on gliders, but it was easy enough to use same code for completely different goals.

In v0.2 you can land and takeoff from carriers, no animation I am afraid (except airplane tail hook, if it exist in the model), and I can’t name this process realistic - more just for fun. You can even use same features on the ground without limitations.
I am not sure that I will follow this direction, until some scenery developer will cooperate to make required carrier model adjustments. What is really missing is MSFS keyboard/joystick shortcuts support, as devs have not added related functions in the game yet, but I will try to find workaround.

You can support development by purchasing program on SimMarket

Or get version with some limitations on msfs.touching.cloud for free

GitHub project (MIT license)
Many other things planned in the future, so feel free to join if you are interested in team work.


Next update for the Kinetic Assistant. New tab Thermals was added – it is not sort of weather simulation script, but simple gameplay element – you can load Userpoints CSV list (made in Little Navmap) where position and radius set for each thermal manually.

Controls and sound notifier settings added – now you can attach program functions to existing MSFS event (light only at the moment).

And all three other features improved – winch became smoother, catapult with arrestors more stable.

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Future update demo

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Wow that’s great. Any chance of a beta release? I’ve got a sort of working glider (using FSX Converter plus some manual edits) and a tow plane is all I need now

it is on final testing stage, will be released near weekends

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Great! Very much looking forward to this!

Today we are happy to release the last planned feature of Kinetic Assistant - Aerotow! This is a present for all glider pilots as towing brings MSFS soaring to a completely new level. Now you can ask your friend to deliver you into the air, or take a tug role by yourself. You always can be attached to the AI aircraft as well, so it will be a good idea to put the AI plane as a tow-taxi into your favorite gliding airport and train your skills without limits.

Thermals improved as well - now you will experience smooth airflow conditions inside of the thermals, even if they are not part of the weather system.

And last - all Assistant features carefully tested with only fully working and freeware glider add-on for MSFS - DG Flugzeugbau DG-808S.

Please check description carefully, as many things was changed.
Don’t forget it is opensource, so feel free to make some experiments and share you results.
Time to soar!

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Hello everybody, this is Paul Falke from Glider, sailplane, soaring, please!
I use Kinetic Assistant and I made two videos about it: https://youtu.be/hZWOM2-_RXw and https://youtu.be/QEhHcOQUqEc
We amateurs made a lot of progress since August 2020. We have sailplanes, motorgliders, winch start, thermals, now tow planes …
The trick is: we are maybe nonprofessionals for FS2020, but I am sure we are professionals in other areas …

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New version with improved towing/winch simulation on final testing stage

Curious as to why there’s a $5 EUR version on Simmarket (simMarket: TOUCHING CLOUD - KINETIC ASSISTANT MSFS), but free on the touching cloud website (Kinetic Assistant - Touching Cloud)?

Don’t like donations, alternative way of supporting. In exchange you can ask for some feature as a customer.

Stress test of tow rope simulation

Trying to create thermals but I get message “Userpoint record numbers is incorrect”. What I am missing?

it may happen because decimal delimiter in your system is comma, not point.
you can follow this tutorial Changing Regional Setting in Windows (CSV imports)
or just wait for several days, version 0.6 will contain fix for the issue

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Can someone please set the line of a working thermal csv file as a screenshot here so that I can compare it with mine.
The thermal doesn’t work for me either, although I don’t get an error message.
thank you in advance

Whats wrong with this file ?

It dosn’t work !!

Your file looks okay. It can be same “decimal delimiter” issue, if you have comma set in your system as delimiter.
LNM create CSV file ignoring that setting, while assistant - did not.
It was fixed in assistant v0.7, please check it out. Let me know if it still does not work.

Thank’s, i will try it this evening with v0.7

We have worked hard to bring the Kinetic Assistant to the new level, and partially succeed. Unfortunately, current API and MSFS limitations does not allow Kinetic to fully control AI aircraft, but we have reached some acceptable level of towing by AI.

Two modes available - immediate take off, which can be used anywhere, and taxiing together with a tow plane. Both are quite limited so please read the description carefully. We are going to improve AI behavior but that will take some time to find proper ways to do it. At the moment, towing by live pilot is preferable and strongly recommended to try at least once!

Rope calculation improved as well so you will have better experience now both with winch and towing.

Several issues fixed: compatibility with CJ4 mod and thermals CSV files reading error.

Check out our latest videos for additional information:

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Now the thermal works in v0.7. I am very happy with it.
Thank you very much for this super work. !!
And the aerotow is also awsome.
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