[RELEASED] Discus-2c | Got Friends

Update: Now available to download!

After almost 64,000 total downloads on the Discus-2b, it was finally time to revisit my first aircraft developed for MSFS. Now with an established team, Got Friends (Jonx, Got Gravel, 270 Inc, and Mykrode) are going to bring you the rebirth. Still Freeware… The Discus-2c. Currently under development, we have revamped the 3D model, placed her in game and plan on working the flight model and textures next.

Latest Development Shots:


Absolutely stunning! Really looking forward to her.


waaa, nice… I flew the Discus CS and this brings back memories :smiley: looks great :smiley:

Texture work has started.


Oh, this is great! How is it possible to soar in MSFS? Never found that easy in previous sims.

You can already use basic thermals by setting the temperature settings in MSFS. Ridge Soaring and Wind Soaring already work great. Kinetic Assistant is a great application by Touching Cloud that allows Winch launch, Aerial Tow, and Flight Recording. This project, however, we are building in a Winch Launch system internally to the aircraft so it can be launched ingame, especially for Xbox players. Things will only get better in the future as Asobo adds official support. Hopefully by then they consider us a valuable asset.


Hey Everyone! It’s time for another round of previews!

These last 2 weeks have been fantastic for Got Friends!

Mykrode kicked things off and nearly remodeled the entire 3D model! As you probably know, we have been working off my original Discus-2b 3D Model. Mykrode took that model, stripped it, fixed it, bent it, curved it, modeled it and brought (What I think) is the best looking 3D Model of a glider currently in the game.

270Inc spent a ton of time UV Unwrapping, Painting, Assigning Materials and getting the default livery ready. As you’ll see below… WOW! These previews are only preliminary textures. With that said, I can’t wait to see what else he brings! It is already looking amazing!

Got Gravel is truly bringing this aircraft to life! Dare I say, the flight model is one of the best Glider models I’ve ever flown. It’s realistic and stable, challenging and enjoyable yet peaceful and thrilling! On top of that, he has been working on that custom Winch Control (Self Launch) module! Connect your rope, set your length, set your launch speed, hit launch and watch your Winch Tow in real time! He is pumping more features into this module every day! More information on this in future updates!

Then there is me, Jonx! I have been starring at model behaviors every free moment I can! Trying my hardest to accurately write coding, get things organized and finally start re-animation work!

Here’s some special previews for you all:


Another days previews… getting closer everyday. At this momentum we may be having closed betas by next week!


Wow beautyful! Is a version with a small extendible engine also planned?

Absolutely! We plan on doing a premium version (probably the only way to get it to the Xbox Marketplace, Asobo is not to Freeware friendly). Once we get Marketplace approval, the Marketplace version will include extra features, but we want to use this base Freeware version as the testing platform to find bugs while we develop the premium version. Features planned:

  • Extra Liveries
  • 18m FES Varient
  • Multiple Panel Layouts
  • Custom Sounds
  • More Launch Capabilities
  • Better Navigation Interface
  • Optional Wingtip Wheels
  • Optional CG Hook
  • Optional Oxygen Cylinder Mounts
  • Additional Avionic Systems
  • Tinted Canopy Options

We will definitely make it worth the premium version. As mentioned the Xbox will probably only receive the premium version due to Freeware constraints on the marketplace.

This Glider is planned to be our first “test” towards a future in payware Gliding. We have very exciting news for the future and once the Grumman F4F-4 is released, we will be announcing another project in partnership with a very prominent aircraft manufacturer.


Looking forward to soar on xbox :slight_smile: and it worth your work for pay for.

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Thank you for the support! We are really taking extra care for the premium version knowing that will be the only available option for Xbox players. We want to make sure it’s not only worth the money but ready to play in-game as a standalone glider until Asobo gets official support. The FES and 2cT will directly offset the need for long flights on Xbox. Thermals aren’t perfect yet, but these additional premium features will help the average player have a great long flight.


Flying a sailplane is lovely, I remember flying one that was called I guess “Schleicher” in the old FSX days that had a superb cockpit and some kind of beeper having higher beep-tones when the variometer showed climbing and lower beeps when descending.
But having a glider with a small (probably electric) engine is even better.

The visibility outside is absolutely fantastic while flying a sailplane, it´s pure fun.

I’m curious if the the FLARM system works ? :slight_smile:

Yes it does!

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Excellent :slight_smile:

I have to say that I enjoy everything that you have done so far, but soaring is a special thing for me. I have a few hours in gliders IRL and can’t wait for things to flesh out in this regard in MSFS. Soaring is as close to flying like a bird as I can imagine. This is an immediate buy for me. I can’t encourage you more. Thanks for all you are doing to improve the whole platform. People such as yourself, with passion and talent, will push this sim to unforeseen hieghts.

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In FSX I spent more time in gliders than anything else, I love just cruising with the birds watching the scenery below. So all I can say now is at last it looks like my dreams are coming true. Excellent work!!!

Oh my God…it looks like i have to redesign my cockpit.
Looks stunning, cannot wait to fly this beaty!!


Discus-2c Development Update!
Coding, Decals, and Beta Testing!

Another great week for the entire Got Friends team! We have successfully finished model animations, coding is around 90% finished, and texture work is ramping up fast!

This next week we are going to focus on the final 10% of coding, adding decals to the 3D model, and of course start beta testing!

Release will follow soon after and we already have a nice date planned… Hopefully everything goes smoothly and you’ll be soaring in no time!

Enjoy another round of previews!