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My apologies, standard gliders did not have the wing runner either, for the record, the problem was this scenery: CHILECITO / BRIG. MY. JUAN FACUNDO QUIROGA » Microsoft Flight Simulator. Once I remove that, everything works again as it should.

Quick Q&A on the New Update

I know everyone was eager to jump back into gliding. Unfortunately, we’ve been recieving a lot of reports asking about various changes, especially with launches. Hopefully this post will help relieve some stress.

Question: What are my Launch Options?
Answer: We now have 3 launch options available on the Discus-2c Freeware and Premium (No Difference).

  • #1: Native Launch - Just go to “Launch Method” at the aircraft selection/world menu and select your desired Winch Vehicle or Tow Plane. We’ve included our F-150 Winch Truck as an option. Remember, with native options, you must wiggle you rudder full left and right a couple times to signal launch start.

  • #2: New Launch Menu - Access by clicking the glider button on the Navigation Display. This will bring up Multiplayer and Quick Winch options.

  • #3: Old Launch Menu - Access by clicking the SD CARD slot on the Navigation Display. This will bring up our Old Winch Launch System.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use any of these built-in launch methods, you can still use Kinetic Assistant. However, I highly recommend trying the above methods first.

Question: My Weather Presets are Missing?
Answer: Originally the Weather Presets were included to add basic thermals to the game since Asobo had not yet added thermals. The 40th Anniversary Update introduced gliding weather mechanics. Although not perfect, you can now glide just fine without our weather presets. If there is enough requests, we will upload them as a separate mod on Flightsim.to.

Question: Navigation Display Buttons don’t Work?
Answer: The buttons “Clickability” have been removed in this update. You will find the same options like Units, Canopy Cover, Oxygen, Etc, in the new “Settings” menu on the LX-NAV Screen. Simply click them to toggle On/Off. The buttons are not clickable anymore to preserve options for future use. We are working on better navigation options and JackBilbo is also working on his LXN Navigation option. With these buttons “Free”, we can now integrate them into the navigation unit in the future.

Question: Did the Freeware get more features?
Answer: Yes, the Freeware is now an exact copy of the Payware Discus-2c Glider. However, the Premium version still has the added FES Variant which gives you more options. We are working on future variants and other features as well that will be included in the Premium version only. This change was to allow us to maintain easier updates instead of stripping features that are redundant now, like visible cables, tow plane launching, etc.

Question: What is the difference between the included Navigation Unit and the optional LXN Navigation Unit available by JackBilbo?
Answer: We opted to keep our simplified unit in the default glider in order to help beginners and Xbox players navigate easier. This simplified version is very similar to the Aera Navigation system and easy to learn. JackBilbo’s LXN Navigation Mod is way more rubust. You can build you own screen layouts, do task tracking/management, customize your display options, and view advance gliding tools. It is being built for individuals who want something comparable in complexity to their real-life counterpart. I highly recommend you start with the default system, get comfortable in the Discus-2c, then upgrade to the LXN Navigation System.

Question: What Adverse Yaw Setting should I use?
Answer: By using the bottom left knob on the Navigation Display, you can adjust the amount of Adverse Yaw applied to the aircraft. We recommend 50% (Which is Default) if you are flying with Rudder Pedals. If you are using a controller and find it difficult to maintain a proper turn, please consider dropping the percentage. If you are looking for more, simply increase your percentage up.

If anyone has anymore questions, feel free to ask! There is no dumb question and we are all here because we love gliding! Thank you for your support and we can’t wait to bring you more exciting Discus-2c updates in the future!


Thanks for this … and I do have an unrelated question re. the Wilga and the marketplace. Any idea when?

We just sent Microsoft a few fixes they requested. Small issues, nothing major. Once injested again, we hope that it will be soon. The major hurdle has now passed, just waiting on them. Unfortunately, we won’t know the release date until the “day-of.” So every Thursday, I’m checking my emails like crazy.

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Glad to hear: I’ll give it till next Thursday and if it’s not there I’ll buy through your site. MS have had their chance.

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Not a question but a request:
Same as the Wilga, there is a Colon in the Title.
Can you remove it please?

Don’t you mean hyphen? And anyway removing colons sounds a bit medical to me

Nurse!! :rofl:

The highlighted colon I mean:

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and some words

Have you contacted Virpils to see if they can include Colons in their tool? We use colons to not only maintain a cleaner look but also to manage additional liveries, addons, and navmods easily.

Not yet, but can do.

I’ve updated the Premium Discus 2c but there are no Launch Options under the FES variant. I see the Launch Options for the non-FES version but the FES version doesn’t have that.

It does … make sure you have downloaded the latest ‘premium’ package and not the free one. Also remove all old Discus installs from community.

Make sure you’ve deleted all liveries for the Discus-2c and FES versions. Unless the livery artists have updated them, they are all incompatible and would cause issues such as you’ve described.

You can also change the UI type in the Aircraft.cfg to „Glider“ for all the addon liveries to get them working again. I did it and it works. And then it’ll let you choose the new launch methods