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What would the fun be in dropping your tanks if you couldn’t hunt for them on the ground after the drop :wink:


I haven’t looked forward to an aircraft with this level of anticipation for quite some time.

Thanks for giving me that!

Maybe you guys can tackle an SBD with all you’ve learned here!


Absolutely fantastic.

Will having the tanks affect the way the aircraft fly’s beyond just the weight/balances?

I’m not sure how much there would be to find, wouldn’t it just be lots of bits of scrap metal?

We implemented airframe drag and weight for all extra’s attached.


Others : “We can’t do that because of limitations in the sim.”

Got Friends : “Hold my octane”


Like this? Developer Jonx and TouchingCloud having… a blast with VFX



Sorry if this was discussed already here or elsewhere. Is there a good carrier add-on you’d recommend to pair this with?

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This will be out in time. :slight_smile:

(Ignore the summary text there - that’s a mistake in the HTML I guess. The page is about the new fully functional supecarriers).

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Awesome! I didn’t know the sim supported that. That, and that other video were the bombs just dropped on the tarmac physically correct. Mind blown!

EDIT: on second thought … I remember the HPG 145 doing the rockets thing. Didn’t use that often enough, so it slipped my mind! But dropping bombs is different.

The F4F-4 is already fully compatible with Touching Clouds KA-10 + Carrier Group Add-on

This is already available on SimMarket, Marketplace, and on Xbox.

It has animated crew, launching and recovery as well as TopGun and Russian Carriers. Since we are working with Touching Cloud directly, I am very happy to promote his work. Not only that, but in my honest opinion, these are the best Aircraft Carriers in the game currently.

I am also looking forward to flying on the upcoming Supercarrier Pro by Miltech. We are also in conversation with their team and ensuring the F4F-4 works out of the box with their add-on as well.

In Conclusion:

To add, our tailhook works on any surface. If your tailhook is deployed, “technically” you could do a arrested landing on a grassy hill. We also have built in launch options on the F4F-4 with a 3-Second countdown… So alternatively, you could activate assisted launch from any surface as well. Although this isn’t realistic considering the F4F-4 didn’t have a launchbar… but what’s the fun in that? So the F4F-4 will work with any carriers. It activates advanced features on carriers like Touching Cloud’s, or you can land on any surface/carrier in the game and use the aircraft’s built-in launch/recovery features. That said, that’s why I also listed the freeware Shrike Simulations mod, even though it doesn’t have a fully animated crew.

Example of our F4F-4 using Touching Cloud’s KA-10 Carriers:


MilTech also have the USS Lexington, one of their older addons. Adds static WW2 Lexington class carriers around the globe and you can take off and land on them. They don’t have any parking spots though so you have to start with everything turned on which kinda ruins it for me though. I’d also like it more if it had some cruiser or destroyer escorts as well.

I really do miss the wide variety of carrier addons that FSX had and also the AI Carriers addon that let you import them wherever you wanted and control them pretty easily as well.


In addition to:

Reason I didn’t mention the other Miltech Carriers is because I believe they are converting assets from their Lexington, UK Carriers and Amphibious add-ons as expansions to their Supercarrier Pro in the future. But yes, the Lexington is the best “era” representative here for the F4F-4. Although they currently remain unaffected, I won’t be surprised to see them add future functionality and/or roll them into Supercarrier Pro in the future with their road mapped expansion plans.

Quote from Miltech:

Effective September 15th, 2023, USS George W. Bush for MSFS will no longer be supported and effectively becomes a discontinued product. This was the very first attempt to make a commercial MSFS Aircraft Carrier module, months before the Top Gun expansion was released, and hence is heavily limited on its capabilities.If you have been a supporter of our work and wish to upgrade your current copy of USS George W. Bush to our Supercarrier Pro product, we have an upgrade path available for you. More info shortly. UK Carriers, Amphibious Ready Group and USS Lexington will be unaffected and continue to receive support for years to come.

Roadmap from Miltech:

List of Miltech’s current mods:

Also, outdated, but Hard Deck Simulation and IndiaFoxTecho also has some carriers:

And of course, the other (discontinued) freeware. Had some nice WW1 and WW2 Carriers as well:
Download is not available anymore.

And lastly, how KA-10 Carriers got it’s start, through PhotosbyKev:
Also discontinued, but this functionality is available in the KA-10 + Carrier Group Add-On

This post should cover all the quality carriers that have been in the game or are coming soon.


Superpud disabled the downloads for his Aircraft Carrier Group packs, think there was some bugs with a sim update that messed them up or something. Shame as they were pretty good, even if they did some in some odd locations.

I’d do unspeakable things for some WW2 British carriers. I was just doing some reading about Wildcats in British service and one of the last (maybe even the last) air raid in the western theatre was done by Fleet Air Arm Wildcats and Avengers against a U-boat base.


I noticed these Miltech carriers stating that crash detection must be off, and yet this F4F has elaborate damage modeling. Does that damage modeling still work with the Flight Simulator crash detection turned off? In other words, is independent of this sim setting? Wrecking on the carrier deck seems like the ideal use case for this:


Crash Detection in MSFS will give you a black screen if you hit the ground too hard, crash into a building or hit trees.

So we highly recommend you always turn that setting off if you want to experience any damage modeling. Otherwise you will just get the standard MSFS Black Screen that prompts you to restart your flight.


I assure you the pilot is fully qualified.


He looks like he’s had some Ruff landings.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :wink:


glad the dog and cat can play nicely with each other lol!


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