[RELEASED] F4F-4 Wildcat | Got Friends

First day purchase for meeeeeeee………


Some pictures from our Beta Testers:

If you would like to see more as testing continues, please consider joining our Discord Server to see them first!


New Gun Camera:
With HTML Overlay

This is in-game and not added via any post-processing.


I cannot believe this aircraft.

It just keeps getting better and better and better!



ever get tired of F/A-18’s trying to ‘intercept’ you? Joke’s on them, F4F has guns :wink:


It would be interesting to see guns jamming/ overheating if over used (too long a burst).

  • maybe running out of ammo after 20 - 25 seconds of cumulative fire.

That will make the dogfights, that are sure to ensue, a lot more challenging.

I’m guessing all the “aviation fans” who don’t think historic military planes belong in MSFS have never been to an airshow…

Super-excited for this!


Already Implemented :wink:


You guys aren’t…like…raising the bar are you?

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Nah, we are dropping the Bar Bomb…


That’s a beauty, @DigitalJonx!

I have some bad news about the cool bomb animations, though… The “fuse propellers” on WW2 bombs didn’t start spinning until the bombs were dropped. There were pins placed in the fuzes, attached with wires to the bomb racks. When the bombs were dropped, the pins attached to the wires pulled out, freeing the “props” to spin.

Pearl Harbor Aerial Bomb Fuzes WW II Japan Attack Honolulu Hawaii.

It’s a shame, because the animation is BA. :slight_smile: But you’d still see it once the bombs fall off!


A big ask now : will the Wildcat have the option to swap the bombs with rockets (and back to bombs as desired)?

(Bombs are fantastic by the way).
Pushing the boundaries here, delighted with what’s on the table.

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so looking forward to this!
will there be a paintkit for it as well?

You already asked that and the answer was yes :wink:

just shows you how excited I am…


Warbirds definitely belong in the sim, just not for combat.

As you say Air Shows, Historical Reenactment/experience flights and of course the Remembrance Day flights. MSFS is perfect for this.

I’ll likely be buying the marketplace version when available specifically because it won’t have weapons.

Be nice to have the option of long range drop tanks though for increased endurance. Then we can actually use unlike fake bombs, 58 Gal tanks could be fitted from what I’ve read:

“The F4F-4 was the first Wildcat plumbed for carrying droppable, auxiliary fuel tanks. Although two 58-gallon tanks could be carried, a more typical arrangement in combat conditions was a single 42-gallon unit. This small volume represented a noticeable addition to the F4F-4’s 144-gallon internal capacity. Due to the extra weight of the folding wings and revised armament, the practical escort radius of the F4F-4 was only about 150 to 175 miles without the auxiliary fuel tank, and somewhat more than 200 miles with the 42-gallon unit.”

And would like to ask if they can somehow include GPS/comms and autopilot as other devs have done.

GPS/comms/transponder retrofit is not uncommon for reenactment aircraft and would allow use on vatsim.

Autopilot always a stretch on a warbird but very convenient for IRL interruptions. Other devs have included this in a subtle way so those who don’t want it can just ignore the feature. I have no concern that GotFriends couldn’t do the same.

Very much looking forward to this release.

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Agreed. This would be a great option! It would also better represent a typical load out for an F4F.

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Implemented as well.

There was a question if the drop was just animation or physical objects.
They are physical, we are working on it daily but thanks to Touching Cloud we are using advanced methods to spawn them individually.


That’s really impressive. I just assumed they were gonna be animations tied to the plane model. Can’t wait to try it out myself!