Released: MD-80

Distinct from flight model.

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I also keep accelerated mousewheel scrolling off.
If memory serves me right hold tab, not shift, to use acceleration on demand.

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It’s just one of those aircraft where I am too busy DOING things rather than noticing graphics being a little out of date. There is A LOT going on ALL the time (except cruise)… Do I wish it looked a little better? Sure! BUT… It’s also the most framerate friendly airliner in my fleet and I can run it at MAX settings and still be with zero stutters on my 2020 laptop. Like I said, the level of simulation is one of the best. It remains my favorite airliner just ahead of the Fenix and PMDG. They look pretty, but they don’t come near the challenge. The nature of the aircraft helps too. It doesn’t hold your hand much. Punk rock aircraft all the way. :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ll check out the tab. For now I have accelerated mousewheel off as well.

As a general remark in this thread: I wish Leonardo did a cargo variant! Still quite some cargo MD-83’s in service in the US (specifically Everts Air would be awesome in Alaska).

Holding TAB key while changing target ALT switches ALT dial from 1000 ft increments (default) to 100ft increments, so not really acceleration in that case!
I haven’t tried using TAB key in conjunction with other dails.

They are noticeable. Out of all of the variants I fly the MD-88 most of the time and ocasionally thre MD-82. Usually KLM or AAL. The MD-83 for some strange reason gives me FPS drops, and I have no idea why so I tend to avoid it.
However you get 99% of the experience with just the MD-82 base package so it mainly boils down to extended range or not.

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Just tried, holding tab on any other knob switches to accelerated mode! Very convenient!

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Oh interesting. I’m always in accelerated mode so not sure I’d notice. Maybe it toggles it back to normal mode when you have it pressed, out of curiosity I’ll give that a try. I still can’t understand why we can’t change ALT in 100ft increments via the dial without using the TAB key though. In just about every other aircraft there is some switch to change increments. Although I’m not sure what the real MD-8x does in this regard.

I’m paraphrasing something I saw in the Leonardo forums, but the logic was that in the real aircraft you have to push the knob in and then turn in order to increment in 100s. To simulate the two step process of doing that, they decided to require the tab key to be pressed in to simulate pressing in the dial.

IMO, might have been easier to have a push/pull action implemented so whenever you have it pushed in it is in 100s, then you can pull it back out for 1000s, but that’s unrealistic in that the real aircraft is spring loaded. No perfect solution either way.

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That’s interesting to know. I do think there should have been a UI method implemented though. It’s unique in that regard, and not everyone reaches for their keyboard as a first solution, if at all. Fortunately I’m a keyboard, mouse + Hotas user so it’s not really an issue for me, but I can see why some users might find that aspect odd.

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I was always told it was right click + scroll which doesn’t work for me, so I gave up. This is great, thanks.

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Can anyone explain to me why I would ever keep the pneumatic x-feed valves closed?

For one, you can start the right pack once engine 2 is started if you close the right crossfeed while you’re starting engine 1.

I imagine you would close the crossfeed on an engine you’ve lost.

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Maybe you like to live dangerously?