[RELEASED] Rara-Avis Sims Zippy Sport

Here’s some screen shots of my upcoming release the Zippy Sport !

Please note the textures still need a bit of tweaking…


Well, I enjoy your Ultralight so I’m sure this will be delightful as well!

Thanks for the fun!

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Some more pics (still WIP)


Hi @RaraAvisSims, could we hear a sample of the sound? I’m probably picking this up regardless, but I’m curious how the engine sounds at idle and full power.

The Zippy Sport has been released for MSFS, available for USD 9.99 from the flightsim.to store.

Rara-Avis Sims » RAS Zippy Sport » Microsoft Flight Simulator

For anyone not familiar, Rara-Avis Sims also did the impeccable freeware Whittaker MW-6 for MSFS Rara-Avis Sims Whittaker MW6 » Microsoft Flight Simulator. Rara-Avis has been around for a long time in the flight sim world and always brings interesting planes!

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I haven’t picked this one up yet, but likely will soon. I’m hoping to hear the engine sounds first so if someone beats me to it, let me know! For the price, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were borrowing sounds from a stock aircraft, but if they’re modeling the VW engine, it wouldn’t sound right. Based on the snorkel exhaust piped through the plexi though, I don’t think this is the VW engine?

A picture would have been nice… so we even know what a “Zippy Sport” is:

Just sayin’


First link has tons of pictures. Thanks for adding one though.

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Hi, Yes it uses the sounds from the Asobo Savage cub, that’s the fuel filler neck through the plexiglass.

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Sounds are from the stock Asobo Savage cub, until I can work out Asobo’s sound system…

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Thanks! I’ll buy this in a few minutes.

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Ah that makes a lot more sense than an exhaust :laughing:

Not sure if it has been Posted already but it looks really nice:

AVAngel’s review is here:

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I bought this and did a quick flight. So far, I enjoy it but I am wondering how aerobatic it’s supposed to be? This thing is insanely aerobatic, so if it’s supposed to be that’s great. Otherwise, the flight model might be a bit too simplistic.

Great little plane. I enjoy it.

AvAngel sure is addicted to trying to be first on the block with reviews with each msfs release. The YouTube chase for attention is insatiable.

Bought it as well and it’s not a bad plane for the price!

Odd little thing and that’s what I like. Unfortunate that it uses stock sounds and no sounds for the switches or sound changes when the door is open though and I know that’ll put some off. Looks alright, not great but decent enough. Nice and easy to fly and to trim out. Did pull off a series of loops without problem though so yeah, like Stardrifter above says it might be a bit too much aerobatic! Took off easy enough but kinda cocked up my landing by seeing how slow I could go and er yeah, pranged it. :eyes: It was a mild prang though at like 20ish knots and from a few feet up but I still faceplanted it. Manual recommends a 3 point landing so do that and don’t do what i did!

Overall a decent cheap plane, not to everyone’s tastes but a nice touring plane with a good view and it’s a weird and wonderful little plane. Sounds need improving though!

And just to prove I can, I took her back up again quickly, cut off the engine and deadsticked it in nicely with a 3-point landing!

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shows have much attention i paid didn`t realise this fun little thing was yours too. more pre Auto gyro fun

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In order to get hyped a little in anticipation of the autogyro I got myself the Zippy Sport now. It handles really nicely, great work R-A!

There’s one little thing that bugs me though: the whiskey-compass is turning in the wrong direction. Any chance you could fix that in a future update?

Another forum user put it best to explain why the compass should turn opposite to what one might expect intuitively:

Thanks ! yes I was going to do an update on the Zippy so this is good information, I will have an update soon.