[RELEASED] Wilga 35/80 Series | Got Friends

That is a great idea!!

I’d prefer something modern rather than 80s stuff. Plenty of Wilgas flying currently.

Lovely stuff. Looking forward to it.

Good choice ;D !!!

Remember kids, don’t drink and drive fly. :clinking_glasses: :wink:

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We would love to but MSFS is rated E for Everyone and I dont think Microsoft would allow it. We could however have some bottle clanking sounds coming from the cooler if you pull a hard bank :wink:

Let’s say it’s not to drink but a reserve of bioethanol avgas !

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it’s not vodka, it’s industrial strength cleaner :wink:


Remember that alcohol its a known anti-icing liquid, used in aviation. You don’t have to drink it at all, so nothing strange and forbidden to have it in the cockpit. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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De-icing fluid. That’s THE idea !
Zweistein :+1:

DC-6 has LOADS of that stuff :slight_smile:

putting together some media for another insiders look + details on our Wilga release for msfsaddons.com, may have another article for you guys in a week or so! For now, enjoy this one!

Location of the shot was some grass strip in Eastern South Africa (sorry forgot the name! Strip is to the right of the image Was not paved, just grass, with this dropoff immediately after)

EDIT: Location was FXME


:musical_note: I Bless the Rains down in Africa :notes:


One of prototypes of Wilga:


can I show you the artificial horizon for PZL 104 wilga (removed from the plane)

Great picture! Our team has been trying to solve the ADI mystery for days… it seems that some Wilgas use the “Western” Blue ADI, while some Wilgas use the “Soviet” Black ADI. Each one functions differently in terms of Pitch Alignment.

If yourself, or anyone in the forums has up-to-date information on which Wilga’s and why they had seperate ADI types… our team would appreciate it very much.

As far as we are aware, the original “Factory” delivered Wilga 35A’s had the Soviet style ADI, or at least are prevalent in most original pictures we could find online.

Any expertise in this area would be very helpful.

This copy is from the Polish oriole, as far as I know all the Polish ones were blue.

It seems the original early ones had the soviet era artificial horizon. The older ones found on the internet usually are registered in Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, and Belarus. Most of Wilgas registered in Poland, UK, Germany have blue artificial horizon. Possibly, the earliest models and later models. So you guys are probably right in your assumptions.
Some Wilgas 35A registered in Poland also have old soviet era horizon, which would discard the theory that only the export examples had it and would support the theory that all earliest examples had it.

Edit: After some more research it seems that probably blue artificial horizon was either an option on earlier models or was retrofitted later in the early examples, and all more modern examples had it as standard. For example SP-EBK made in ‘71 and LY-AGB ‘81 still have the old horizon, while SP-ECC ‘72, SP-FWW ‘81, D-ELPG ‘84, LZ-415 ‘86, SP-AHY ‘89 have blue artificial horizon.

It’s almost 5am here, but Jonx and I were determined to get that windshield working. We opted for a fully custom solution since the sim doesn’t yet support it… Still has some detail work to be done on the glass for streaking, etc… But looking hot so far! :wink:


Hmmmm buy the Wilga or heat my house for ten minutes? (or at least that’s the way it seems) … Someone please pass me a blanket! :cold_face:


Thanks for the detailed response!

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