[RELEASED] Wilga 35/80 Series | Got Friends

I’ve failed to start to Wilga now several times.

Followed the checklists exactly, restarted the flight, restarted the sim.

Had to turn off engine realism to get it going. Enabled it again right after that, and it went fine.

Is there anything that’s not in the in-game checklists that I could be missing?

Prime it 3 times. It’s very easy to flood it.

You suspect I primed too much?

How can I “unflood” it?

The Beaver has a checklist for that, iirc. But the Wilga? I’ll try and consult the POH, maybe.

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Turn off the mags, cut off the mixture and crank the engine for a few revolutions would work to clear the cylinders.


@DigitalJonx : being that GTN750 is now available to XBOX users, are there any plans to make it available at some point?

Yes. Soon. Cheers.


Just got this excellent plane on Marketplace sale. Very happily flying around Alaska right now.

Are there any control bindings for the simple Autopilot/Flight Director? I’ve tried the LVARs for FLIGHT_DIRECTOR_BANK and _PITCH, with no luck.

Any news on the glider towing issues?

Wait for me! (youtube.com)

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I try to download from the marketplace. It is downloading, but doesn’t install. This is the only item that has that problem. Any tips?

Just bought this plane and pullglider is broken, wilga pulls up like crazy, glider had no chance to accelerate enough.

can we get manual on white pages (pdf), it is waste of ink to print in current grey-background state?

I forget what the binding is, but it’s one of the only aircraft on XBOX you can assign a lever to the cylinder head cowl flaps that can be moved proportionately. On all other aircraft they are only open/closed.