[Released] Wing42 Boeing 247D

Great link! This looks amazing.

Looks great. Very tempting! :slight_smile:

I’m itching to throw my money at this. Looks absolutely amazing.


This is it, for a fan of older aircraft. I stayed away from AH Electra that I know I would not fly as much after 247D release.

Unfortunately, it still looks like at least a few months to get it done. I doubt we will see it before the end of 2021. But I am really excited for this plane since it was announced over a year ago.

You’re probably right about 2021. But I would put her weeks from release - not months :wink:

She’ll be worth the wait though!


I have no doubts about that. Cannot wait!!! I am glad it is weeks from release not months.

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My goodness!..


It’s going to be a great Christmas!

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We probably won’t make it for Christmas, and I’ll instead spend the holidays coding and bug-fixing :wink:


FYI, new blog post with some more information on the first pages of the clipboard and how the ground crew is simulated:


So much details, it’s amazing, day one purchase for sure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This is gonna set a new standard for us other poor devs…:slight_smile:
It gives me chills thinking how in hell we’ll be able to raise to that standard :smiley:


I`ll have a slice of this please. Cant wait.

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Will she also be available on XBox?

Asking for a friend…

I wish I could give you a more definite answer…

I still didn’t find the time to find out what’s required to make the aircraft fully xbox compatible and as such, she certainly won’t be available on console any time soon.

After the release of the Boeing, I plan on spending some time on the Bleriot, she deserves an update and when working on that, I’ll look into an xbox release for her first. If it goes smoothly, the Boeing will follow.

The main issues I see with the xbox release is the hundreds and hundreds of lines of custom behavior code for the levers, switches and knobs. Once I know what’s required to make them controller-friendly, I can give you a better answer.


Good answer, thanks!

(I’m sure my friend will be delighted if either make in onto XBox!!)

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Hey Otmar, wonderful work! Nice choice to show your work in Fabios stream :slight_smile:

cant wait for this!


Wonder how navigating is going to work with this aircraft, don’t believe there were many, if any, nav aids back then but it seems the aircraft is equipped with a gyropilot that has a selectable heading to fly. Will make planning each flight extremely important if you want to make it to the destination and not overfly or fly the wrong heading! Seems like lots of fun!

Navigation is easy and the same as in the PMDG Cloudmaster. Opening the window, licking over the finger, sticking the hand out of the window to feel if the airplane is in a good westwind, and looking at the compass if it flies in the right direction. If everything is allright - perfekt. Somewhere surely will be a field of grass to land.

Wow I am really curious how this aircraft will be when finished. Wow in FS20 are even more classic and retro planes while the 100st birthday of the first motorflight took place in Flight Simulator 2004 A Century of Flight.


There has been some development since Fabio’s livestream. Let’s just say that navigation will be excruciatingly annoying, but fascinating and rewarding. :zipper_mouth_face:


The Boeing Aircraft Company provides you with the latest technology to safely navigate the air. State-of-the-art wireless equipment and a full set of night-flying instruments make the model 247D the safest aircraft in the world! :crazy_face: