Released: X-codr Designs Denver KDEN

Flown under the radar somewhat. Looks quite stunning — I imagine it compares favourably to the Flightbeam version, given the latter’s age. Pricey, though.

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Curious to hear feedback, I don’t have any experience with this developer.


How does it compare with the flightbeam version?

The terminals a much more up to date, and much more detailed, which I have found gave me a larger FPS hit than FB’s. What killed it for me was the ground textures. I ended up sticking with the FB version despite the terminal updates with X-Codr.


I purchased x-codr KDEN and I must say it is absolutely stunningly beautiful. Concourse A, B and C are up to date. The exterior of the airport is detailed in extreme quality and attention to detail. The taxiways are fully detailed with hold short lines, where the should be as in real life, PLUS animated runway guard lights AND wig-wag lights. Lighted windsocks to view at night? I don’t recall seeing this at any airport. X-codr’s KDEN has it! The elevation drops between taxiways and throughout the 52 acre airport is absolutely beautiful, just as in real life. After you land and taxi to the terminal you will continue to be amazed as you get closer seeing ever more detail wondering what is next. Don’t wonder, just be amazed. It is out of this world. X-codr has covered every detail imaginable. But that is not it! It gets even better!

The ENTIRE interior of all terminal buildings are fully modeled all the way through - not just the boarding areas. You will gate signs and animated information screens. The center sections are breath taking to see with model airplanes hanging from the ceiling just as in real life. Down below are access to the trains going between the concourses and main KDEN iconic Jepsen tent building.

At the west entrance to the 52 acre airport property, just past the clover leaf exchange, you are greeted with color changing pole lights leading up to the giant animated TV screen. Drive down further and you will see the 32 ft “blue mustang” horse sculpture.

X-codr’s KDEN is at the top 1% of the more than 260 payware airports that I have purchased. Thank you X-codr for bringing your amazing work to MSFS and the full emersion that it brings. Nothing more amazing after a long flight than to land at this airport with so much detail you almost forget you’re not there in real life. This is a 5 star airport without question. Anyone rating this less than a 5 star does not know what a good airport is.


How is performance, though? Are you running it on a high-end machine?

It is exactly on par with other Intl airports like KLAX, KLAS, KSEA, KBOS, KSFO and so on with PMDG 737-800. My system is not the latest with Intel I7 12th gen and Nvidia 3080 and Sim on HIGH settings.

Adding I have a 34" LG 34GP950G-B Ultragear Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate ultra wide screen. I got this 9 months ago and had made a world of difference over a non G-sync monitor. I resisted for years forking out another $1k for a stupid monitor but it cuts the screen stutter out entirely. Take stock in Nvidia. My 3080 alone was the same cost as MB and Intel processor not including another $1k for their G-sync monitor.

Hello, I apologize for not responding earlier, and I’m very sorry to hear you feel that way. If I may ask - what don’t you like about the ground textures? Other than a couple minor bugs, I haven’t had any complaints on those, so I’m very curious to hear what you don’t like (or if potentially something isn’t loading right, leading you to that conclusion).

Regarding performance: As you mentioned, detail costs performance. Combine a complex scenery with a complex aircraft and tons of AI flying around, and it can be a lot to handle. You may be able to gain back a fair bit of performance with minimal visual loss by dropping your terrain level of detail. I had one user report that MSFS had automatically set his terrain LOD to the max, dropping it back down to 100 dramatically improved his performance.

Also, If you are low on VRAM, that can also hurt performance significantly. Lowering texture resolution can help, alternatively I have a patch that halves the texture resolution for KDEN, which I’d be more than happy to provide for anyone that would like (it’s a bit big hence why it’s not hosted publicly, so just send me a DM or reach out via my website)

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Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:. Glad you’re enjoying the scenery!

For anyone that’d like to get other user’s thoughts, I’d encourage you to also have a look at this Avsim thread . I’d also like to offer if anyone would like to see a specific area of the airport before purchasing, or has any questions, please, don’t hesitate to ask, I’m more than happy to provide whatever info you’d like.

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Are there any surrounding POIs, outside the perimeter fence? Many of us like a bit of eye candy on finals…

Well, KDEN is largely surrounded by fields and a few warehouses, so it doesn’t have the most exciting surroundings haha. That being said, there is a large animated light display (it’s basically a wave pattern changing between blue and purple) along the Peña Boulevard entrance along with some advertising signs (it’s about 1/2 mile south of Runway 7) which are visible on approach.

In addition, the Denver TRACON and U.S. Flight Standards Office are included, which are technically outside the perimeter fence, and are visible to the west on approach for runway 35L

And lastly there are plans to add in models for some nearby VORs in the next update. If there is a specific poi you’re interested in seeing, I’d be happy to consider it for the next update!



I consider X-codr Designs to be a top-notch developer. I don’t own KDEN, but I own several other products from them. My favourite is Sedona Red Rocks, which is mind-bogglingly beautiful scenery: