Remove toolbar white arrow





This was posted last year and it still works…

Thanks for that. I wanted to give credit to the post but just got lost tryin to find it. Is it me or is this forum difficult to navigate?

Just remember that it might be back with the next update if this package is touched.
Installing the toolbar mod in the community folder will be permanent (but might cause issues down the line if it overrides updated files with a new version).
You have the choice, but choose wisely :wink:

It takes a bit to get used to it, but once you do it’s much better than conventional bulletin boards.

Do you have an idea of how to disable the diabolic circle below? I’m sure I’ll vomit next time I see it
I can’t stand it anymore



it was ok before su5. after it’s gone crazy

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This is the best way to do it so far!

I’m not the one asked, but to my knowledge there is no way to change that unfortunately.
It’s not part of the usual UI components (like the top menu bar).

I think there’s somewhere a bug or wishlist item to get rid of it already. I’ll link it if I find it.

EDIT: There you go:

And there’s also a question regarding it for the upcoming Q&A:


I really wonder which dev member tinkered with this opacity setting within the latest SU:5 ! May I ask this on the next Q&A ?

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my guess they fully change network politic, so if before su5 simulator download some from servers and cache this till next download, now it’s download all the time by small parts, so that’s why we have popup textures, terrain and more melted photogrammetry, and before wu6 as minimum it’s all will stay in this condition

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Thank you so much for your concern

this workaround by the way is just a temporary trick, as it totally removes the toolbar arrow from the dashboard, when in fact what we want and masobo broke with SU:5 is that it should fade away while not in use.

maybe WU:6 will bring this feature back.

I wouldn’t expect it to be fixed with any WU. It’s a SU induced problem.
I dislike that bar even if it does fade away. It’s unnecessary IMO. With it that way, just a slight mouse move and that eye sore of a bar is back.
Now, I move the mouse up and just get the menu. Move down and menu goes instantly. No waiting 5 seconds for a bar to fade so I can take a screenshot.

this WU is gonna be different with a lot of irksome glitches that SU:5 brought to be fixed in line, we’ll see today.

Yeah!! They got rid of the persistent white arrow at top of screen for sub-menus in WU6!!!

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100% agree

I dislike that bar even if it fades away. It spoils the experience and breaks the immersion… please VOTE!


Yes, vote, but just download the app at the top of this thread. I’ve been using it for months as a content creator. Never see the bar anymore in any of my videos or live streams! Not sure why others don’t do the same. :sunglasses:

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For the ones who had not discovered this addon it removed the white stuff

While they officionally remove ti


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