Replay mode has been in Prototype for last several months. Any ETA on release?

So, I see that the replay mode was still listed as “Prototype” for the status. The date for the release of replay has been set to 2021. But 2021 could mean December of 2021 so who really knows when replay will be released.

It would be nice if Asobo could give us an update on when the replay mode will be released. Especially if it’s released before the XBox release of MSFS or after the XBox release. It’s understandable that Asobo is busy preparing for the XBox release of MSFS, especially with the DirectX 12 implementation in MSFS. But if there is a chance that the priority of replay mode can be increased so we can get the replay mode sometime in Q1 or Q2 of 2021, that would be better (I mean, if we have to wait until Q3 or Q4 of 2021 to get replay, that’s a very, very, long wait for us).


Such an essential feature should be on top of the priority list, even above the G1000/G3000 improvements that will be out in 40 days.


Do we really need to purchase and run an external app to get this most basic feature working?..
I certainly hope not, but it does look a lot like it at this time :-/


This needs to be prioritised. A replay function is a basic function that shouldn’t need to be an added purchase.


A flight simulator without a replay function … lol


Yeah, I understand if they didn’t release replay mode for the release of MSFS, but one would think it would be a top priority to be released shortly after. It’s been in “Prototype” status for 3 months now. And update on the progress of it would be nice.

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Please go upvote this thread so we can get a response from Asobo in the next live Q&A about replay mode: Update on replay mode?


I am okay with the prototype. Just give me the prototoype.

Thats how desperate am I waiting for the replay feature :joy:


FS Playground is already available, so you cannot be that desperate ???

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And soon also Flightcontrolreplay :call_me_hand:


Honest question; not trying to create waves just understand…

Why is a replay feature so sought after? I’d never use it if it was added like; i just landed my plane i don’t need to see it again? If i want to see it again i can just record last 5 mins on shadowplay?

Am i missing something, is the replay feature a totally different thing to what i think it is or do people genuinely want to watch what they just did from the outside which to me seems…odd?

I use replay all the time in DCS to fly air show routines and then later watch the routine from a spectator view on the ground. I would like to try doing the same in MSFS (otherwise, what’s the point of having a Pitts and Extra in the hangar) :wink:


A replay mode will allow you to view your landing from different viewpoints and angles. For example, I could run the replay mode and see how my landing looked from the passenger window view. Or I could run the replay mode and see my landing from besides the runway, to see how close I was to a tailstrike, an engine strike, or the general landing angle of my plane. You can’t do that by running Shadowplay because that just records the cockpit view.

Imagine you are practicing crosswind landings with the 747. Engine strikes sometimes happen with crosswind landings, especially if the pilot banks the plane too much. With a proper replay mode, you can see from an external view how close you came to an engine strike, and then you can keep refining and practicing your crosswind landings to avoid this.


I don’t understand why they didn’t include it in the base game…like we shouldn’t be having to wait 6 months :frowning:

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There are a couple of addons in the works, my guess one will be released soon after the next update to make sure that Asobo didn’t break anything new. Hopefully within a few days we’ll have flightcontrolreplay. It looks amazing!

Payware addons though… when Asobo was supposed to implement it into the game that we already paid for.

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As a matter of fact, replay mode is already there in the code. You can clearly find it there already (well it takes some tools and skills), or at least some traces of it.

The only reason it is not publicly available was best said by Sebastian himself:

Therefore I believe we shouldn’t assume they’d need to allocate resource to implementing replay, rather, they’d need to allocate resources removing the code which is hiding the feature already coded and implemented.

Everything in the flightsim world is built on addons. Has been for years, will be for years to come. I’m not surprised that Asobo didn’t implement it yet- along with a laundry list of other features that we’ve become accustomed to over the years. It is what it is. Over time, things will be great- now, we’re just in limbo. However, I’m almost certain that whatever replay system Asobo implements will not come close to what we can get from addon devs. They said as much in their last QA- we can expect a very basic system.

Following the development of replay tools over the past month, my impression is that you need a high end system to produce stutter free videos, and that we should record with low settings and then increase the settings during replay until we get the right blend of eye-candy and performance.


I don’t get why people need a replay feature or consider it an essential.
It’s a simulator, you don’t get the option in a real plane to watch your flight from an infinite number of locations.
Sure you can get a few go pros attached to your plane or possibly get permission to setup a camera at the airfield to watch your landing (though I doubt that’s very easy to arrange).

Apart from making pretty videos of your flying adventures and a nice to have feature I can’t really see why it’s needed. I’d much rather they concentrate on fixing the bugs and improving on the existing features.

First of all, this is a flight simulator. This isn’t real life so of course it makes sense we should be able to do stuff in a flight simulator including using replay, which was a key feature of every Microsoft Flight Simulator going back over 20 years.

Next, it allows some of us to view how we handled the plane from an external view. For example, if we practice crosswind landings with one of the airliners, we can see how close we were from a tail strike or an engine strike on the landing.

Just because you don’t find value in the replay doesn’t mean we don’t. Replay is the second most voted feature in the wishlist so obviously, you are the minority and the majority of MSFS users want replay (as demonstrated by it being the second most voted wishlist feature).

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