Research Question - If you are having problems with UK Update, **What server are you connected to?**

As in the title. If you are experiencing CTD, stuttering in the menu, poor graphics or extreme framerate loss, please check to see what server your sim is connected to and post.

  • Where are you, physically?
  • Where are you flying (if you get that far) or where are you trying to load in?
  • What server are you connected to?
  • What is your internet service and provider?

The purpose of this question is to determine if there is a pattern to the issues being encountered.
It took me less than an hour today during my lunch break to not only do the update but also get in a short test flight. I am located in Northern Canada and connected to the Western US server. I encountered none of the reported issues and was impressed with the new scenery. Makes me wonder why I had no issues while numerous users are encountering many problems they did not have before.

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I’m from Germany and I just want to download the WU3-UK from the marketplace, but there is no was to select the marketplace because it’s not available/grayed out.
My server connection is always searching a new server, without stopping the blue-circle circling and searching a server.
My ISP is mnet.
FS2020 worked fine until the new update …

I always fly in WestUSA. I run events connected to this server for over a year now. Began during Alpha testing. After the update I noticed the flickering in VR, regardless of the country you fly in or the aircraft. It even happens while viewing the menu screens. Only VR, as no issues with nonVR. In the event last night, G2 Users weren’t experiencing any issues. I’m thinking it is associated with Oculus headsets.

Are you based in the US as well? What server are you connected to?

Edit: sorry, miss read that. West US server. Thanks

Australia using WestUSA.

Interesting. Why are you connected to the US server? Is this due to the events?

We’ve always used it since the early days and it appears to perform well. I’ve noticed many other events have a preference for it also.

I’m not able to select another country, because there’s only the “automatic” option in the drop-down list

So, using the WestUS server, you have not experienced any significant downside from the update, other than the VR flickering?

You are correct.

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Location: UK
Flying in: UK
Went to: Both somewhere else in UK and to southern France. FPS bug happened all over.
Server: Western Europe.
Interweb: Virgin 120 m/bit

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West USA server

  • Where are you, physically? New South Wales, Australia.
  • Where are you flying (if you get that far) or where are you trying to load in? Around London CBD.
  • What server are you connected to? South East Asia. Usually quotes about 73ms but the FPS in London drop to 4-10fps.
  • What is your internet service and provider? TPG 100 m/bit FTTP

the xbox live server you connect to has nothing to do with scenery streaming it’s used only for multiplayer. scenery is streamed from the closest azure regional server.

Never said anything about scenery servers.
Thanks for playing.

You mean what multiplayer server people are connecting? What would that have to do with streaming? Is there some kind of MP issue too?

Is there something ambiguous about the questions?

Yeah, what’s the point of it?

Already stated.

Today again, the FS is not able to find a server to connect and make the marekt place available.