Reverb G2 with 6800XT Crashing

I have a 6800XT and a Reverb G2 and it generally works well but I get a lot of crashes to desktop. Every time I log a crash report to AMD in the hope it might help fix it.

Curious if others with this combination (or other combos) are getting a lot of crashes in VR. Runs fine in normal mode.

I also got a 6800XT (Sapphire Nitro+) in combination with a G2 and a 5900X and it is running super stable. Already had lots of other problems, so I feel with you. This is the (felt) first time that something went fine out of the box for me.

What settings are you using and what sort of FPS are you able to achieve? I’m expecting my 6800XT Nitro+ to arrive tomorrow and I’m really curious what to expect.

I’ve been using a GTX1080 with my G2 and obviously there are serious limitations but I was actually very surprised at how well it ran and how good it looked.

I’m going to be seriously hampered more on the CPU front I suppose (i5 6600K @4.5GHz) but hopefully the whole system will get an upgrade come the summer.

Same here with a 5500 XT. Likely the game itself.

I am getting 29fps with my HP Reverb G2 running at 100% render scale. In order to correct for cylindric distortion, 100% means it renders at roughly 3200p!!! Everything else than render scale is set according to the bang for buck tutorial.

The picture is super sharp and as long as I don’t fly aerobatic, it does not stutter. At less than 100% render scale, it will be minimally blurry (hard to notice) and there is almost no difference between 70, 80 and 90%.

For 1080p at everything set to maximum, I can play with at least 45fps.

Same with me with a 5600 XT. Add few crashes with AMD driver time out msg then found something on the net to add tdrdely to the windows registry (basically introducing a delay for the graphic drivers). I have still have crashes but I don’t have the AMD driver time out msg anymore. But I still can’t enjoy the VR experience. First time I tried the G2 was on the bush trip in Patagonia. I flew for 1 hour then crashed with the AMD driver time out message. But now I can’t fly more than 5-10 minutes without crashing to desktop or even worse once it crashed the whole system. But no driver time out msg. Not sure if the tdrdelay is causing that. I will probably remove it. I have created a new thread in General so hopefully someone will have an idea that could also be beneficial to you.

Hi I was getting a few CTDs and still get get them now, I get less now after I changed my page file size from automatic to manual.I set it to 18 gig and it only crashes now after I land sometimes at a new place when I have been flying for awhile.

After a recent BIOS update I started getting less crashing but still often, usually when switching off VR at the end of a flight. I just installed the new Radeon driver which has a stability fix for the G2 and it appears to be much more stable so far.