Revert max 400 LOD to 200 (bing texture issues)

Briefly explaining the issue:

The issue that rose from expanding the slider to 400 is that streamed textures now don’t show the highest quality anymore at 200.
Previously 200 LOD showed sattelite textures (not draw distance) at it’s highest quality ZL18-19
Now we have to use LOD 400 to get the same results.
This results in poor visuals, and frankly there isn’t any CPU that runs LOD400 remotely smooth with current gen, not even the 5800X3D

A picture showcasing the current issue:

A few solutions to consider:

  1. Fix the LOD values of the sim so that the max streamed texture quality is at 200.
  2. Revert LOD 400 back to 200
  3. Or seperate this into 2 settings, so that we have draw distance / bing streamed textures quality.

Feel free to post your findings and post your comparison screenshots here guys.
Remember this IS NOT about buildings, scenery objects etc, just purely bing streamed textures data.

Honestly I can’t say I am able to see the same issue with my setup. Only an evident degradation of PG elements at LOD 100. Whereas in your picture I can notice more jagged roads at LOD 200.
If you provide the coordinates of your screenshot I can try to reproduce exactly the same situation.
I have made the test over LIRU.


Original screenshots:

the location of that shot was next to RJBK Kohnan airport .
I’ll make some more shots and edit this post adding some.

Reserved for more shots

Some are quite a bit more noticeable than others, but there is a difference.

EKCH Copenhagen:

EIWT Weston:

EHAM Amsterdam:

If you want to do the same, please give it time to reload the new textures sometimes it takes 2minutes before the sim changes the textures from for example 400 LOD to 200.

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Oh yes, I can confirm that it happens at least on the first location. I’m on the latest build (
Hopefully Asobo will notice this thread and acknowledge the issue.

LOD 200

LOD 400

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Fix this

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Yeap, cant even run 400 , but was super fine with the previous 200. and actually better.+1

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as many of us wanted forever, just switch back to SU4 it’s visual fidelity and optimize that :joy:


LOD 100

LOD 400

Decrease in texture quality is noticable, should not be tied to LOD distance…

TLOD 400, scenery textures look high quality.
roads textures look like actual roads.

Asobo please for gods sake EXCLUDE bing textures from your horrible LOD method and seperate it from terrain lod slider.
i checked it with LOD 100 from the ground up droning upwards.
The textures quality literally changed 5 times till it became a pixelated mess.

EDIT: i’ll drone up till a change occurs and screenshot it and post it here. (this is with TLOD100)


LOD100 at LOWI (even PBR is gone from the ground tiles)

LOD400 ground tiles have PBR again :joy:


Seperate sliders would be fantastic.
The high quality streamed bing aerial imagery is one of MSFS’s main selling points!

If I had the choice, I’d fly with MAXIMUM LOD for imagery (whatever that may be) and 100-200 LOD for draw distance.

This has been suggested before on a much larger thread:


I bought a 5800X3D and installed it yesterday.
to my surprise even this can’t run 400 LOD properly without a stutterfest :joy:

Asobo pls just revert it to 200 and restore Bing data quality.

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excuse my ms paint :joy: but end of the slider is 100% streamed quality.
can we get this back please.
even us with X3D chips can’t run LOD400 without stutters.

I have an even better idea:
Please give us the possibility to download the quality terrain and the Bing textures for a specific state I always fly (which is mostly Montana Idaho and Washington). I have build a computer with 24,5 Terabyte harddrive capacity for a reason :wink:
And yes it was mainly for the flight sim, the excitement and anticipation was so overwhelming when after all these years finally a new Flight Simulator was announced.