[REVIEW] Great Britain Central by Orbx - Sightseeing Paradise 😎

Often a mod pops up on flightsim.to where some kind soul places POI markers for this kind of thing. It’s a shame that with all the work that’s gone into them that you may not see it all without something like that.


He’s done it all by hand on requests from users. I’m sure when he’s back he’ll start taking requests again. There’s a full list of everything done on the purchase page I believe, but it includes a lot of sunken boats made 3D, harbours, huts, removal of PG tree monstrosities etc. Worth a purchase at some point.

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Here’s what’s included…



Requires “4 season pack” to be installed.

This project is all about enhancing:

  1. Islands - Adding watermask, rock islands and enhancing the areas with custom vegetations.
  2. Replacing sunken boats with 3d boats in marinas and islands. (non animated)
  3. Adding huts in vacation spots.
  4. Removing photogrammetry trees or trees from ships, bridges, parks runways, or any other areas they shouldn’t be.
    (Removing all photogrammetry trees from cities is not possible)
  5. Enhancing vegetations around airports
  6. Adding missing bridges (generic models)
  7. Adding missing forest and trees.
  8. Adding whales, birds or other animals in a place of your choice.
  9. Shortening grassfields.

Update: 11/17/2021

Included in this pack: (POI added for each area)

1- Islands:

  1. Nui Rock Island in Nui Beach, Phi Phi Island, Thailand. Added rocks and boats.
  2. Khao Ta Pu Rock Island (James Bond Island). Added rocks and boats.
  3. Hong Island Canoeing. Added rocks and boats.
  4. Ko La Na islands. Added rocks
  5. Ko Poda Island, Thailand - added watermasks, rocks, boats
  6. Railay Beach, Thailand - added watermasks, rocks, boats
  7. Cát Bà Rock Islands, Vietnam- rocks and boats (this area will be expanding - work in progress)
  8. La Poule de Hienghène - Added Rock islands
  9. Bora Bora island huts.

2- Boats:

  1. USA - Long Beach Shoreline Marina - added boats and palm trees
  2. USA - Honolulu marina, Hawaii - added boats
  3. USA - Lahaina Harbor on Maui + birds, whale
  4. USA - Key West, Florida - added boats, palm trees, few photogrammetry trees removed
  5. USA - Lake Chelan, Washington - added boats
  6. USA - Miami - added boats and bridge
  7. USA - Bayfield Wisconsin harbor - added boats
  8. USA - Dana Point Marina, CA - added boats
  9. USA - Ocean Harbor - - added boats and replace photogrammetry palms with real palms
  10. USA - Coyote Point Marina - KSFO
  11. USA - Grand Lake in Oklahoma - added boats
  12. USA - Cleveland, and KBKL - Wendy park marina - added boats.
  13. USA - Newport, Oregon - added boats
  14. USA - Boston harbor near airport - added boats
  15. USA - Plymouth and Provincetown Massachusetts - Few boats and whales added
  16. USA - Redwood Shores, south of San Francisco - added boats
  17. USA - Lake St. Clair (Windsor Ontario marina) - added boats
  18. USA - Vineyard Haven - added custom watermask and boats
  19. USA - Lake Ray Roberts - added boats
  20. USA - Lake Lewisville - added boats
  21. USA - Lake Murray - added boats
  22. USA - Saint Petersburg Pier - added boats
  23. USA - Lake Tahoe - added boats
  24. USA - Cape May, New Jersey
  25. EUROPE - Venice, italy - added boats, bridge
  26. EUROPE - Dublin, Ireland - added boats
  27. EUROPE - Oslo - added boats
  28. EUROPE - Ammersee lake - added boats
  29. EUROPE - Zurich (added boats, pier, tables and chairs)
  30. EUROPE - Brighton Marina boats with rock walls and rocks.
  31. EUROPE - Copenhagen - added boats
  32. EUROPE - Corsica island - Ajaccio - added boats
  33. EUROPE - UK - Shoreham - added boats
  34. EUROPE - UK - Bristol Harbor - added boats
  35. EUROPE - UK - Mylor Yacht Harbour - added boats
  36. EUROPE - UK - Port Pendennis Marina - added boats
  37. EUROPE - UK - Loch Lomond - added boats
  38. EUROPE - UK - Balloch - added boats
  39. EUROPE - UK - Torquay - added boats
  40. EUROPE - UK - Brixham - added boats
  41. EUROPE - UK - Salcombe - added boats
  42. EUROPE - UK - Ocean Village Marina - added boats
  43. EUROPE - UK - Cardiff Bay - added boats
  44. EUROPE - Königssee lake - added boats
  45. EUROPE - Nieuwpoort - added boats
  46. EUROPE - Lake Starnberg - added boats
  47. EUROPE - Constanta marina - added boats
  48. EUROPE - Arcachon bay - added boats
  49. EUROPE - Cannes bay - added custom watermask and boats
  50. EUROPE - Friedrichshafen and Überlingen - added boats
  51. EUROPE - Greek island of Symi - added boats
  52. EUROPE - Kiel Sporthafen Wik
  53. EUROPE - Kiel Olympiahafen Schilksee
  54. EUROPE - Kortgene / Wolphaartsdijk, Netherlands
  55. EUROPE - Geneva lake - added boats
  56. EUROPE - Le Brusc (French Rivera) - added boats
  57. EUROPE - Malaga - added boats
  58. EUROPE - Bonifacio - added boats
  59. EUROPE - Duisburg/Harbour/Mid Rhine Area/River Essen, Germany - added boats
  60. EUROPE - Mykonos port in Greek Island - added boats
  61. EUROPE - Cassis, France - added custom watermask and boats
  62. EUROPE - Port of Cavalaire - added boats
  63. EUROPE - Monaco harbour
  64. EUROPE - Neusiedlersee, Austria - added boats
  65. EUROPE - Wustrow - added boats
  66. CANADA - Orcas Island (boats in Deer Harbor and in waters between Orcas and Vancouver island)
  67. CANADA - Toronto - added boats
  68. CANADA - Hamilton Harbour
  69. AUSTRALIA - Westernport Marina - added boats
  70. AUSTRALIA - Perth in Western - Boats and two missing bridges added.
  71. AUSTRALIA - Gold Coast Marina - added boats and bridge
  72. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Westhaven Marina
  73. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Hobson Point Marina
  74. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Half Moon Bay Marina
  75. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Bayswater Marina
  76. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Hobsonville Marina
  77. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Gulf Harbour Marina
  78. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Pakanoa Point Marina
  79. NEW ZEALAND - Auckland - Boats moored in Tamaki Estuary
  80. NEW ZEALAND - Wellington harbor, NZ - added boats
  81. SOUTH AMERICA - Curacao lake - added boats and trees
  82. SOUTH AMERICA - Aruba Island - added boats
  83. SOUTH AMERICA - Curaçao Island - added boats
  84. ASIA - Kenting beach boats
  85. ASIA - Saikai National Park, Nagasaki, Japan
  86. ASIA - Can Tho city, Vietnam - added boats
  87. ASIA - Thailand, Koh Samui
  88. Pitcairn Island - added watermask, trees and boats
  89. Yas Marina at the Abu Dhabi - added boats
  90. Coastline Of Lima in Peru - added boats and rocks
  91. ASIA - Bali - added boats

3- Photogrammetry trees removed/ other enhancements:

  1. Nicelii airport, Italy. Some photogrammetry trees removed.
  2. Balboa Lake in Los Angeles. Some photogrammetry trees removed.
  3. New York city - Some photogrammetry trees removed where it looked like a jungle.
  4. Los Angeles lake water removed (between Riverside and Chino)
  5. KSFP airport - Some photogrammetry trees removed.
  6. Durdle Door rock added.
  7. KORL airport removed some photogrammetry trees + added missing bridge
  8. Added 4 Hawaii airport tree overlays to avoid conflict with airport payware mods.
  9. Remove trees in LIPZ rwy 04R
  10. KBUR airport - Some photogrammetry trees removed
  11. Hana airport, PHHN Hawaii Enhancements - custom vegetation and rocks on beaches to match photos.
  12. LFST-LFGC-LFSH removed trees from airport areas
  13. “Trabocchi” added old pontoon and rocks
  14. Elbe Sandstone in Saxon - Added rock cliffs
  15. Cape Split rock enhanced
  16. Yellowstone national park geysers - (animated smokes)
  17. Added more trees at Airport ETMN
  18. Pittsburgh, PA - Removed trees from dozens of bridges.
  19. Dresden, Germany - Removed and replaced many photogrammetry trees.

Looking correct? @BragRaindrop933


Looks like you have it visible to me. The default scenery doesn’t look as near as nice as that. Kelvingrove and Glasgow Uni should look good too. See 2nd and 3rd pics below.

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Yeah all good. Just gotta find the 600 things now. Could take a while hehe

Thanks for your help everyone! :slight_smile:


It’s a nice add on but you do have to go look for them. They are often smaller than you think they will be unless you are at maybe at 200ft! I just toured around Aberdeen this evening. They have included a few landmarks around the city. Also Dunnottar Castle to the south. Love seeing the moving sea below the cliffs and also the UK birds add on producing seagulls flying around it (to the right here). I am continually amazed by VFR in this sim. I do spend most of my time IFR at FL300 though!

Dunnottar Castle


Orbx has added the POI’s to the Discover map on their Orbx Central app now.

Fyi I am really pleased with this new freeware photogrammetry for Manchester

Does this conflict with Orbx GB Central or work with it?

It does conflict, the buildings are drawn on top of each other. However the photogrammetry seems to be at a slightly higher elevation than the standard terrain so the skyline all comes from a consistent source. It just means that for a couple of buildings (eg arndale tower) you can see the logo twice, at different elevations. Despite this I’m running both together to get the high quality Manchester and the other bits from Orbx in surrounding towns.

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Orbx do tend to conflict with a lot of third party stuff. Their masts and radomes clash with We Love VFR add on, and their recent Great Britain North pack, one of their buildings on the Isle of Man clashes with UK2000’s Isle of Man airport. I wish their big packs like this had a way we could check or uncheck individual POI’s to avoid the duplicates.

You would think a pack of 400 to 600 POI’s would have this by default considering the likelihood of clashing. I did post on the Orbx forum about it a few weeks ago but they didn’t even reply.

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I have ordered EU great Britain North today. After being very impressed with the central one

can someone get in contact with the developers and tell them they got radio city tower wrong its purple for some reason

They have a forum for reporting that kind of problem.

@BragRaindrop933 - sorry for bringing back an old subject here, but I finally got around to installing Sky4Sim Pad (NG) and wondered how I go about importing those KML files from the Orbx Packs into it to show POI’s on the tablet map. Is it possible?

Sorry I’ve not used Sky4sim in a while. Not since using Navigraph and also the enhanced in game map, which largely has the information I need without using sky4sim. I seem to remember someone did import the KML to google maps for GB north, just not sure how you get those POI’s in game, or in sky4sim or indeed in little nav map. If you find out let me know. Would be good to have them imported to world map without using SDK say.


Not even comparable lol

I havent seen the two old bridges rail and road at Runcorn they are missing taking off at Liverpool. They have The new toll bridge and Fiddlers Ferry power station though which is nice to see. Hope they will add the bridges in, that will compliment Liverpool and Runcorn area greatly.