REX AccuSeason Released Today

Good evening forum,

No YouTube videos yet, wondering if anyone here purchased and tried yet?


Yes REX AccuSeason has been officially released: REX AccuSeason for Microsoft Flight Simulator

We will be releasing to other stores in the next few days.

Here is the User Manual:


just saw it…it looks great…haven’t bought anything for the sim in a while, so thank you rex shut up and take my money…bought the texture pack as well…have been on the fence for a while…its downloading and installing right now :grin:

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Looks pretty cool! Does it work fine with live weather?

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I wanna know how it compares to Bijans season pack.


That’s the real question now isn’t it. Bijan has been there for us since day 1, and he’s got a bunch of really neat features that go along with his product. Also, his customer service is 2nd to NONE.

That said…I’ve been upset with REX since their weather app. The most interesting thing is, I still have all of their stuff for MSFS. The only thing I use is their airport graphics. Might pick this up just to try it out, it’s only $25, and it does have dynamic changes to trees. Curious to see how that works.


It adds snow where time and season it make happens?

And after the dreadful performance of their Weather Force I’m very wary. Happy with Bijans add on.


Sticking with Bijan - invested now anyway, and it looks beautiful to me


This looks very exciting and I definitely want to test this. Is there any information about whether the addon will also be distributed via SimMarket?

Edit: Sorry - I found the Information

We will be releasing to other stores in the next few days.

Looking forward to seeing some community YouTube reviews before committing to this one. Seems like a dream addon from the product description- will be interesting to see if it actually delivers what it says on the box!


Easy to install with nice interface, initial impression is excellent with the automated season setting. Exploring more now and in the coming days.

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Here are a few images:


Does it also change or add terrain mask like Bijan’s mod (optionally)? Is it install and forget type of solution (like Bijan’s) or seasons have to be manually applied in every flight via app? Would love to know how it compares to his mod as I already heavily invested in Bijan’s work.


Yes, there is a terrain mask - have a read of the link provided in the second post.

Bijan’s isn’t instal and forget, you need to change it depending on where you are flying and on the time of year. From the pics above and at the link the REX offering looks to be so much better, I’ll be purchasing it later on today.


I’m intrigued to try it myself, but I somehow think there is very little chance this thing will come even close to what Bijan has done (and keeps doing on a daily basis). Will wait for further reviews and comparisons between the two products. Personally I’m keen to stick to Bijan’s mod even if REX is better. If only for support reasons, because this guy is absolutely amazing and 100% dedicated to what he’s doing.


Took my time and read the article AGAIN. There is not a single word about any change to terrain color. And yes, it’s install and forget for one real time season. Maybe I should be more specific, but I think it’s clear what I thought. Opposite to starting the app and settings the seasons every sim run.

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REX appears to be instal and forget, Bijan’s is not.

Terrain colour- if you read the article down to the bottom you’ll find it:


REX AccuSeason lets you select the overall color tone that looks best to you with a choice of three color tones: cool, warm and neutral.

Well that’s not a terrain mask. Have you seen how it looks in Bijan’s mod? Warm/Cool what appears like filter is not the same thing.


Yes I have. It looks to be doing precisely the same thing to me, but hopefully it won’t distort maps as Bjan’s does.