RKSI (Incheon) Missing Runways 16L-34R, 16R-34L

Missing RWYS 16/34. Doesn’t show up in SID/STAR too. Anyone else missing it too?

Please report this to Zendesk while making sure to include as much detail as possible. Thanks!

Just did – thanks!

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The following Bug Report was submitted on the MSFS Zendesk.

(Zendesk Bug) Request #69339 Runway 34 at RKSI is missing.

  1. Sim version is

  2. Windows Version: 20H2 with OS Build: 19042.572

  3. AIRAC cycle + revision number is 2011 Rev. 6 (per Navigraph)

  4. Exact description of the issue: With or without Navigraph data installed, Runway 16/34 at RKSI is missing. With Navigraph data NOT installed, all SIDs, STARs, and Approaches for runways 15L/33R and 15R/33L are present and Selectable. With Navigraph Data installed all SIDs are present and selectable, and all Approaches are Present and Selectable. However all STARs for runways 33R and 33L are missing; as is all data for runway 34 - including the runway itself.

  5. This issue exists on the Flight Planning World Screen and in the MCDU/FMC.

Already reported this to Zendesk a week after MSFS launch, the airport needs a overhaul missing the new terminal and the runways are messed up, also the nearby RKSS is a CTD zone

Still missing the runway 16/34

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More then 2 years and still runways missing at such a big international airport.

I wondered if the problem was missing data but MS has the data.


July 2023 and the two runways are still missing! lol


What on earth. I wish I had known this before trying to fly out of this airport. Half of the airport including the runways are missing. Absolutely unacceptable.

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I just landed there unaware of the state of this airport…and what a joke !!
I have a better looking scenery/airport of RKSI in FS2004…a 21 years old game… LOL !

The same here! rwy are missing…

my entire airport is missing so at least you have part of it. Not sure, tried to start there and nothing there…

Don’t know what the reason could be? Updates or version perhaps? I have the Deluxe version.

May be this will help.

Sadly, Asobo seems not to care terribly much about fixing issues outside of North America, Europe and Oceania. That’s something I really hope changes with MSFS 2024, as I do a lot of flying in Asia. (There’s a whole lot more to Asia than Japan, Singapore and long-ago Hong Kong, Asobo!)

The optics of this really aren’t great, honestly. We’ve had multiple updates for Western countries – the US is on its third if you count city updates, France has had three turns as well and multiple other European countries have had two while most of Asia, South America etc. can’t even get fixes for major issues with major international airports like this one after years of waiting. :confused:

There seem to be quite a few major airports that are missing primary runways, and even cities where the main airport has moved. Eg, Istanbul commercial passenger flights moved from LTFJ to LTFM in 2019 - but the sim still only shows the old airport.

I would hazard a guess that this is because the base Bing Map snapshot that undlies everything in MSFS is out of date, so they don’t add runways or airports that aren’t in the old Bing map. If this is the reason, then it’s Microsoft’s issue, not Asobo.

I’m holding out hope that at some point Microsoft will either use a dynamic Bing map that evolves with constant updates (and crowd sources improvements and scenery…), or at the very least, I hope with MSFS 2024 we’ll get a newer snapshot. The question is how dated it will be on launch, and how frequently do they plan on updating it?

You mention Hong Kong, therefore you should check out Hong Kong if all runways are there :wink: (I haven’t flown for half a year so things could have changed but I doubt it)

There’s a reason I said “long ago Hong Kong”. Asobo did a pretty good job with Kai Tak (although as someone who did all of my schooling within 10-15 minutes walk of the airport, there’s a freeware one that’s significantly better than Asobo’s). Chek Lap Kok? Not so much.

Missing a key international airport in Asia is really a bad joke. New Istanbul airport opened in 2018 is also not in the game :smiley:

happy to report today that is still not here! today is the last day of may 2024, and just imagine my face when i called out RKSI 34 R ils established and saw a huge brown forest lol, landed anyway. Also im glad someone is calling out Istanbul as well… I crashed because the landing alt in the sim is wrong… no gpws warning and i was on the spot with glidescope. altimetre is also right.