RTX 3080 vs 3080ti vs 3090 for FS2020

Would like to be able to run the sim maxed out settings - everything Ultra and max LOD. At least 2K (1440p) and ideally 4K with respectable frame rate. The sim will be run on a native 4K 60Hz monitor. At the moment have no interest in VR.

Which GPU to select: RTX 3080 vs 3080ti vs 3090? Would the 3080ti be good enough? The 3090, for the most part, seems much more expensive than the 3080ti in real world prices.

I’v e found the 3080 to be excellent. No problems what so ever, and I have Ultra in nearly all settings.

Thanks. What does the rest of your system look like? Did you build yourself or prebuild? Do you run in 1080p, 2K (1440p), or 4K, 100% render scale?

If AMD is an option for you, I can recommend the RX6900 XT. It provides 35 frames on average on a 5K native resolution and around 45 on 4K. Both times with all settings maxed out (above ultra). Idle you are lucky, you can snatch one directly from AMD for one grant.

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No bought gaming machine outright. 1080P and 100% render scaling.
CPU: Intel i7 10700KF
CPU cooler: Fractal Design Celsius S24 Blackout
Motherboard: ASUS TUF Z490-Plus WiFi
Memory: Klevv Bolt x 32GB 3600MHz (2 x 16GB) DDR4
Graphics: GeForce RTX 3080 OC 10GB
SSD: WD Black SN750 1TB M.2 NVMe
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB

3080ti 12GB, Ryzen9 5900x, 32gb 3200 ram plenty of cooling… 4K TV as monitor…. 30FPS locked…. Smooth as silk… only time I get stutters is when cache is slow in loading, or when I have undocked the PFD and ND to placed on another monitor, and flying an approach to a busy airport… slows down to mid 20,s …. Settings are maxed out except for shadows and reflections ohh and I only have Nvme SSD’s

There are a lot comparsion on youtube like this.


Thanks. Great video and straight to the point :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a 3080 and it’s not good enough at 4k 60fps. It can’t do 100% render scaling and VRAM ocassionaly runs out.

My recommendation is 3080 for 1440p, 3090 if you really want 4k.

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Just be aware of watching older videos such as this, as SU5 changed performance significantly and the balance between GPU and CPU. Nonetheless, at 4K FS2020 is mostly GPU bound so the more GPU you can throw at it the better.

FWIW, I have a 3080 on an i9 with 32GB RAM and SSD and get 45+FPS in 4K Ultra settings for the brief moment I see it before I switch to VR after starting a flight. If I flew 2D I would be very happy with this.


Yes, good point. Didn’t think about that. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

So … Very very roughly looking at that video (albeit recognising that it is not bang up to date):

  • an extra 10 fps give or take from 2080ti to 3080
  • an extra 10 fps from 3080 to 3090
  • an extra 20 fps from 2080ti to 3090

I am wondering from this if it is really worth upgrading from a 2080ti to a 3080 ??? Also given the cost of a 3090 whether it would be better waiting a year or so for the next gen GPU i.e. RTX 4090 or whatever it will be called???

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How does your 2080ti perform for you now?

Hi Reset, I was just joining this thread purely from an interest point of view.

I actually have a 2070S but could be in the market for an upgrade maybe later this year but not at the current price for a 3090.

I have a Quest 2 and for me the 2070S isn’t quite powerful enough to switch from pancake mode. I like to future proof slightly if I can (don’t like buying GPUs every year) and I don’t think the 3080 is likely to give me what I might need. I am also not sure that the 3090s will drop sufficiently for me to take the plunge.

In 2d mode i’m actually getting good performance so I might just wait for the next gen GPU and take it from there :slightly_smiling_face:

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This cards will perform almost equally in pancake vision.

VR is worth to try, best thing happens to me for centuries.



vsynced 60fps solid. Unlocked is 70-80fps most of the time.

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Take a look at the below thread. Whilst it is possible to get FS to use more than 10gb VRAM, in practise by that point the fps becomes too low and the sweet spot seems to be below this. So right now I would not be confident the 3090 is worth the extra expense (PS I have one!)

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What temp does your 3080 run at? Mine was pinned at 83degrees last night.

I like low temps so I went with a 3090 TUF, it has enough power for 3440x1440 with 110 scale in game while the card itself rarely reaches 60-62C.

I’ve flown with a 970, a 3070 (MSI), an AMD 6900XT (ref) and now a 3090 (FE). I’ve found that in pancake mode the 3070 was more than capable of running the sim at ultra settings on a 1440p monitor. But when I started flying in VR (I highly recommend doing so) I changed to an AMD 6900XT and later to the 3090. The change from AMD to Nvidia again had to do with stability (but this was pre-SU5 and I had a lot of CTD’s). I got the 3090 only because that was available (at MSRP) and the 3080Ti wasn’t. I think the 3080Ti is more than capable of running the sim in VR (HP Reverb G2). The only difference is VRAM, but since SU5 memory usage has been optimized a lot. So if you plan on flying in pancake mode I’d go for the 3080 (if you can get one - those are very hard to find here in Holland) and if you want to have more leeway in the future a 3080Ti (if you can get one).