RTX 4070 ti upgrade

Is anyone here with 4070 ti? I am currently using the 3090 and I just went over the NVIDIA driver sit which claims the 4070ti is 2.0 faster than the 3090 with the lates driver release (DLSS3.0). I can get one new here for around $900 tax included. Your thoughts?

Thats been utterly debunked from what I’ve seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-FMPbm5CNM


Keep your 3090 and don’t even think about getting a 4070 Ti.


The 4000 series seems to be a bit of a disaster for Nvidia. Sure, the 4090 and 4080 seem like capable cards but they’re very expensive and for the vast majority of gamers the 3080 and 3090 series are still more than capable and offer far, far better value for money. Seems like there will be exactly zero point in buying a 4070 or 4060.

You’d have to be really invested in wanting DLSS 3.0.

From NVIDIA itself.

This. If you want to see an actual improvement outside of DLSS 3.0, you’ll need to step up to a 4080 at least.

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As an owner of the 4080 i can say that MSFS is using more than 12 GB VRAM on my end.


The only reason I can see that DLSS 3 becomes somewhat of a desirable must have feature is when Asobo finally bring ray tracing to the sim. But even then my prediction is that will end up being a total non event so I can’t see a lot of us 3080 and 3090 owners bothering with the 4000 series cards.

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Wow, having a 3090 and you want to upgrade to 4070 Ti, huh? And here I thought I’m still content with my 2080 Ti that I have been using for the last 4 years.


The areas where the 4070ti has a big advantage over the 3090 (mainly ray tracing) are in things that are irrelevant to MSFS. In MSFS the 4070 may be a smidgeon better but I would be surprised if the difference was significant enough to justify an upgrade from the 3090. The two are likely very similar in MSFS, you definitely are not going to double your frames. It does have a higher base clock and draws less power.

Specs RTX 4070 Ti RTX 3090 Ti
CUDA Cores 7680 *10752
Clock speed (base – boost) *2.31 – 2.61 1.56 – 1.86
Architecture Lovelace Ampere
Memory Interface 192-bit *384-bit
Ray Tracing cores *3rd Gen 2nd Gen
Tensor cores *4th Gen 3rd Gen
Maximum resolution 7260 x 4320 7260 x 4320
Connectivity HDMI 2.1, 3 x DisplayPort 2 x HDMI 2.1, 3 x DisplayPort
Required system power (W) *226 450
Graphics card power (W) *750 850

TLDR if you were choosing between buying either a 3090 or 4070 and both are the same price, go with the 4070. However upgrading from a 3090 would give minimal benefit. If anything you lose some RAM.

Edited to show correct RAM for the 3090 TI


RTX 3090TI has 24GB vram :wink:


I have aa 3080 Ti and perfectly happy with it! No 4000 series for me. We’ll see what the 5000 brings and at what prices. Hopefully by then, NVIDIA will lower their prices.

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Same here.

My results in VR:

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I’m currently looking to get a gpu and I’ve been researching the 3090 and 4070ti. I was leaning towards the 4070ti but I wasn’t happy about the 12GB of vram. So I continued searching for more info. I then came across a benchmark video on YouTube where the 4070ti was continuously beating the 3090 by 10-15% except in MSFS where it lost by about 10%. This must be because the 12GB is not enough. This could be a big issue for the 4070ti going forward as I’ve noticed some games for 2023 release could be using more than 12GB. This is unsurprising as the PS5 has 16GB.

I think a used 3090 for £750 is the way to go, although I’m not happy about the high power consumption.

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I would definitely recommend a GPU with more than 12GB Vram, regardless of the power consumption. I have an AMD rx6800 with 16gig of Vram and the sim uses every bit of it which I’m convinced results in a smoother experience. The sim is being optimized toward using DX12 and Vram with each new release. DX11 will be a thing of the past in another few years…

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Don’t discount the frame-doubling under DLSS3 for the 40x0 series, though. If you get 60 fps with a 3090 and 55 fps with a 4070Ti, but the 4070Ti can also double that to 110 fps but the 3090 tops at 60, then that 10% base frame rate win isn’t so clear…

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Not sure it’s a downgrade for me but I just got the Asus TUF OC 4080 off from my local MicroCenter but so far I am not happy with its performances specifically in VR (DCS & MSFS).
Note that I am “upgrading” from the 3090.
In VR mode I’m always running out of VRAM which is never the case with 3090 (16gb vs 24gb). The game also stutters quite a bit and takes a lot longer to load . Consequently frame rate also suffers (low 20s or almost nonplayable in mid-end VR graphic setting) .
Other than in VR mode with FG is turned on the 4080 sings LOL. With Ultra setting I easily see 70-90fps in flight.
When turning off FG/HAGS the VR’s performance seems to improve but then it’s about what I’ve seen with my 3090 so what’s the point, right?
When playing Cyber2077 or RDR2 the 4080 seems to be a real upgrade from 3090.
Other pros: It runs a lot cooler (in my HTPC case) and consumes much less power as well.
I do play 50/50 with and without VR mode all the time.
I am debating whether I should return the card in about a week or so.

Just upgraded from a 3080 to a 4080 to get more vram, I7 9700K. Very happy, almost double fps and stable, especially in VR. Gets the most out of my CPU.


What VR headset do you have? Mine is Vive Pro 2