Runway, Approach, Apron Lights Off During VFR Conditions/Daylight Hours

Getting back to the sim. This issue is getting more and more annoying the more consistent I get flying on. I can’t believe this is not getting more attention.


Who knows, Antarctic Localization or adding the color brown to the rainbow, may just be other thought of (whim) priorities on the wish list that get more votes than this someday.

Why this even has to be on a wish list… :confounded:


Bumping this thread because I’ve been annoyed by this since release. Can’t believe they haven’t done anything about this yet.


Yeah let’s keep this topic near the top. Ridiculous that we have beautiful 3rd party airport sceneries now, but they are totally marred by giant floating orbs straight out of FSX, all over the runways and taxiways, 24 hours a day!


Without changing the subject I find it crazy that the autogen trees end up covering some of the approach lighting. I would assume that some type of exclusion zone would be carved out around the approach lights.


please show me a real world example of this unrealistic and excessive runway landing guide lights in real world.Like seriously Asobo havent you once watch a real world video before doing this GAME?

If somebody can link me a real world video showing something close to what I shared I will delete this post

Approach lights are definitely visible in daytime. Most systems have an effective visible range of 3-5 miles.
Extended systems aren’t normally turned on except during periods of lower visibility, but assists like the VASI are easily noted at ranges of at least 5 miles even on clear sunny days.

Lighting systems normally will have different intensity settings for day and night.

show me a video that shows that animation during a clear sunny day

So if it’s not on You Tube it isn’t true?
Aviation regulations in print are no longer a valuable source?
I am going to assume that if you can log in to this forum you also have access to Google. Search for international airport lighting standards and review the lighting specification requirements.

I have given you an example of daytime lighting visibility in real life. Not good enough?

i can show you thousands of examples support my argument but you cant even find a single one.

Just gave you one. And directed you to the regulations.

Not too surprising there aren’t a lot of videos from the pilot’s seat IRL.
I have flown tens of thousands of approaches and have never videoed one.
Show me one video where you cannot at least see the VASIS on approach in the daytime, that is NOT captured from a sim.

But if the FAA requirements are not enough for you, then I guess you have your mind made up.

I think the issue here is not so much whether it is visible or not, but the contrast is too high. IRL on a sunny day the lights are much more washed out but in the sim they maintain a very high contrast. The contrast between the flasher and the steady light on the rabbit is exaggerated in daytime.

For example, on the approach into KBFI the lights from KSEA really stand out on a sunny day but IRL they would be much harder to make out against the bright surrounding terrain.

An ALSF-2 uses 500W bulbs, so they’re very bright but they’re not nearly as bright as sunlight.

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If we must complain about the luminosity of runway lighting, then we should also note the brilliance of aircraft landing/taxi lights which reflect off rough surfaces during daylight as if it is nighttime.

Also, approach and aircraft lighting systems that usually consist of discharge lamps (strobes) flash with too longer duration, and that lightning is nowhere near as stroboscopic as it generally is in reality and causes far too much glare during the day.

The pursuit of realism is admirable, but I have seen very few games that have achieved this level of attention to detail. Those that have have usually benefitted from third party modification so, assuming these effects have been locked by Asobo (like, I believe, the weather system and flight model), we can only hope that they will revisit this in the future.

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Just keeping this alive :slight_smile: wish there were kind of XPL lights


Agreed, current lighting is a huge immersion killer, its low hanging fruit but remember that this is hard coded into the sim from way back

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I think this post covers it but surprisingly few votes.

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Asobo, please, make airport lighting realistic! At this moment, at every airport the light beacon, the runway lights, the taxi lights, approach lights, everything is on 24/7. But this is not how it should be! The lighting should be on only from sunset to sunrise and in IMC conditions.


as I mentioned above up-thread, the FAA has fairly well defined rules of when and how bright the various light fixtures shall be.
Found some nice info here for US FAA Airport Lighting (



I think this thread has enough votes to make it into the developers’ backlog. Amending this would make a tremendous change in the look and realism of MSFS. Is there a chance we will see it in the list in the next development update?


Yes, it is now in position #44 and under investigation.