Runway, Approach, Apron Lights Off During VFR Conditions/Daylight Hours

So runway lights in Austria (LOWL, LOWS and LOWW) are on all the time either. Not sure, maybe that is a european regulation. It is easy to spot in light fog since you see the light cones pretty clear.
But they are also on in sunlight / VMC.

Also - I noticed that the small aerodromes do not have runway ligths (also no edge ligths), like Zell am See LOWZ for instance or Gmunden LOLU. Check these at night - they are pitch black ;D

RAF is like the Air Force right? Yeah military and typically larger airports in US would have some lighting all day. But I’m really speaking of tiny strips that are lit and wouldn’t even have lights available at all. It’s possible Asobo did this to help newer users locate airports all times of the day.

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I still cant believe after 7 months we still don’t have this issue on the radar.

-Taxiway lights can be seen from 40k feet and 20 miles away
-Strobe lights can be seen from 30 miles away even when not viewed straight on
-Runway lights are on during the day in fair/sunny weather
-AI traffic lights can be seen from 20 miles away and thru clouds-very unrealistic.
-Airports have lack of dynamic lighting at night.
-Airport autogen buildings are way too tall at small airports.

We need to campaign to have this moved to the top of the list. Surely they can figure out how to turn the rwy, taxi, centerline, approach lights off during day time in CAVOK/CAVU.


And it could have been worse!

[BUG] Increase distance threshold to see other aircraft navigation and strobe lights at night

Airport lights are on 24/7! They shouldn’t be on during the day time! Please Asobo fix this! It’s such an immersion killer and highly unrealistic to see this.

The airport lights need to be reworked. In real life you’re not suppose to see them 20 miles away! They should only be seen and appear within a certain radius.

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Actually, airports that have recently upgraded their infrastructure can have their runway lights and PAPI seen from more than 20 miles away when visibility is clear.
Intensity is controllable, don’t assume airport lights you have seen IRL were at their full setting. I can tell you I have been able to see Heathrow runway lights from southeast London, that’s over 20 miles :slight_smile:

Also, approach and runway lights are directional so should be visible only from a specific arc and not a full radius.

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Note that there is another Wishlist topic for that that you might want to take a look at if you haven’t already:


ASOBO just the fact that we are even voting for this is ridiculous!
Such a basic thing about lighting… This is one of those things that have been tried to be upgraded from the previous generations of FS but in reality has been completely scraped by having such a stupid bug! (By upgrade I mean: the taxiway and runway lights look better in FS2020 than previous gens but not any better than the X-Plane 11 which was released years before MSFS2020). The lights are not true lights in MSFS 2020 they are just points of lights in the space attached to a 3D object (the light posts)…
The same for the street lights… They are just illuminating points floating in the space instead of actually making light objects with posts…


Not true! For example, have a look at this video:

Asobo really needs to rework the airport, apron and runway lights globally.

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I’ve flown into many major airports and over many military airports. They don’t turn the lights on during the day unless it’s IFR or they’re checking them.

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Incorrect. You can’t simply generalize the worldwide use of airport lighting.

It wasn’t meant as a generalization. I’ll specify the US the next time I post so you can follow.

I hope this issue gets some attention from the devs. I think the lights are too bright, especially during the day when they maybe should be completely off?

I noticed in this video that the lights seem to be completely off. And here they seem to be very dimmed.


Pretty please, Asobo?

Maybe this will be “fixed” when DX12 is released?


Hey - indeed! I started PPL IRL recently and now stand completely corrected - no runway lights at all at least in VMC.
Sorry for the wrong post earlier and thanks for your feedback! Really appreciate a professional forum / discussion culture like this!

Happy flying!

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If the lights are a part of the instrument system, the regulations may dictate that if the ILS is on so are the lights. The question is how MSFS2020 will recognize VFR conditions vs . bad visibility?


yes good discussion.
Found some nice info here for US FAA Airport Lighting (


In the interest of energy conservation, the ALS should be turned off when not needed for aircraft operations.” :slight_smile:


I am amazed at the general lack of interest from Asobo/MSFT on having realistic airport lighting, I would happily trade a world update for correcting rwy lighting so that it is more realistic.


Can’t believe this hasn’t gotten more traction. At night it is actually easier to find an airport than during the day. When lights are on during the day, they definitely shouldnt be as obvious as they are currently depicted in the sim.


amen. This is terrible and must be fixed.