Save Flight Function or Autosave

I would love to see an Save Flight & Automatic Save Flight Function like, Autosave every X minutes so if the Sim is crashing you can easily just load your last Save and fly on! :slight_smile:


How can I save my fly?
I never seen this option where is it?

You can save and load flights manually.

  1. While in flight press ESC
  2. When the menu opens press the Space key.
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I have tried this but no Save option appears.

Saving works on my PC but when I load the flight the flightplan is completely gone, the plane is setup differently (like AP off) and so it’s not of much use…

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Yes, agreed. I also don’t see anyway to reload the flight plan once the flight is loaded. I supposed you could manually reprogram the FMC but that would be a pain.

FSUIPC has an autosave function that lets you recover from a crash and continue your flight. The MSFS version is available as a free beta, but unfortunately, FSUIPC uses Simconnect and the sim currently has a stutter problem with Simconnect.

I would recommend trying FSUIPC autosave once Asobo releases a fix for the Simconnect stutters.

I don’t see a save flight option, save flight plan option, nothing. How I fly is I started at my local airport and I start the next day at whatever airport I landed at before logging off the night before. I would like to just jump into what I saved with the same fuel load and payload where I finished last night so I could continue on. I am strictly GA and VFR, thus I don’t fly flight plans. I fly and land where I want and finish for the night and want to just jump right in without having to search for ICAO codes to find the airport and create a flight from where I finished at last night.

I agree, this is one of the most urgent needs for me. If I use the save flight it doesn’t save the actual state, just the basic fligth plan. Also the autosave could be very useful, at least when you quit (or crash) the last flight, you should be able to start from the same point the next time.

As of yesterday, the FSUIPC-7 (Beta) does not yet use the autosave function correctly. They are having a problem with it. It will give you an “AUTOSAVE” flt file, but it doesn’t work.

when you save a flight, the flightplan will still be there but the AP has to be reprogrammed since these settings are not saved.

Yes please! We need an autosave function, like every 5 minutes!

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Asobo/Microsoft , please expedite getting the autosave feature of FSUIPC7 to work with FS2020. I have had so many CTD failures in the past few weeks! Autosave works so well in FSX and P3D, but seems to do nothing at all in FS2020 as of late in December. There appear to be many reasons for these CTDs, and some suggestions in this forum seem to work for some users. The latest update seems to have caused CTDs for many that did not occur prior to this update. Eventually I am confident that this will get resolved, but meanwhile a working autosave function would be a great help.

It would be great (vital) to auto-save a flight while in-flight every few minutes specified by the user so that long flights taking literally hours aren’t lost by a CTD. RIght now, manual saves are broken. If Live Weather is selected for the flight, after a save, time can no longer be modified. I also had problems with auto-pilot no longer working. I had to start the entire flight over, and it was a 5-hours-long cross-country flight that I lost.

Please add auto save that doesn’t break any functionality.

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Is that possible to create an auto save system during a flight?
For example, when i have a crash or if i need to stop the game for any reason during a flight, it should be fine to have this feature to resume the flight where i left it …


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Well as long as the flightsim doesn’t properly save the full state of all avionics, that won’t really help.
Did you try to save and load while inflight on an airliner? It’s kind of messy to say the least.

Perhaps requested many times already. Any time we, the end-users, experiences a CTD after committing 12-15 hrs into the sim there is no recourse for the loss of those hours when it comes to our profile ratings. At the moment (whilst using various ACARS) I generally restart at the nearest airport to the last CTD. Take the aircraft back to status (FL) and resume ACARS. However, it’s disappointing seeing at the end of the journey that only the final moments/hours are added to our profile. (So far I’ve lost over 40 hrs).

[Version] Three times in a row while I was flying the “Tour Of Japan” mission did my game crash and it was frustrating because none of the flight time, nor and where I was in the flight was saved! Last time I flew, I was getting close to Mt. Fuji and right before I got there the game crashed when I was 2 hours in flight. So all of that experience was gone! And not only that but, I had to redo the mission all over again. There have been other times where I was 5 or 6 hours into a long flight and the game just crashed and didn’t save anything! There needs to be an autosave feature that saves at least every 10-15 minutes.

Seems right …

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Every modern game has an autosave function, why does MSFS not have such an essential feature especially in a game that’s prone to randomly crash for no reason at all??? I can’t stand having to manually save flights all the time just in case the dumb program freezes again for absolutely zero reason.