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Hi there, I live on a river. Today landed an ‘Icon’ on it and taxied on the water to the Townehouse I live in. The building actually shows up, and the riverbank in front of it is there too. I also flew right over our cottage on a lake in NW Ontario in a 172 yesterday, and to my amazement found it, as well as the beach and dock I made there …are shown as are many of my neighbors and friends cottages and docks. (everything but the fish and beer!)

I’d like to make both places selectable locations I can start from, land at, etc. anytime I wish. eg. designate them as private airports for just my own issue of FS?

Is there a way to achieve this in FS? If not does anyone know if there is a wish list that Microsoft reviews where I could suggest that?

Ok go to the world map (globe)

Below, you see a button named LOAD/SAVE


This button can do two things

  • load/save a flight plan (a .pln file)
  • load/save a flight position (a .flt file)

The .flt is the file you’re looking for. You don’t have any flt files now, because you did not save any position sofar.

How to save… You see this LOAD/SAVE button also, when you press ESC in flight:

If you SAVE there and name your file e.g. HOME.FLT then you can later use the LOAD for that… and restore your exact position.

Be carefull how you save a flight position: better go horizontal :grin: airspeed and angles are also saved, throttle is not saved…


Thanks AP,
I will try that. I’m glad it saves the altitude since I’d like the plane to be on the water at those locations when starting from them. Much obliged!

Save position aircraft on the water ? well never tried that ! please keep us informed !

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I did this a longtime ago and the icon ended to be half-sunk and stuck. It might have been fixed meanwhile.

It works! It did save the position with the plane on the water.
I started there and thought I’d explore the river while on it so I headed toward downtown. About half a mile in S I came to the Chief Peguis Bridge. It is rendered as a solid object so I thought I might just be able to go right through it and come out the other side. Unfortunately that didn’t work and I smashed into the solid wall. Sure would be nice if you could be on a river and pass under bridges. One could explore Venice by Seaplane. :slight_smile:
In FS4 an Italian fellow created the Nardi Riveria …an Italian amphib from the 60’s. Incredible plane. He also created scenery called Itacoast …the Italian Riveria region. There were a couple of towns along that coast where you could run the amphib up a boat ramp and it would become a car of some kind in which that town could be explored.
Hopefully FS2020 will have that kind of functionality sometime in future.
Meanwhile it would be nice if there was a way to get under bridges that are rendered as solid objects or give the user a way to click on it and say “hey FS…this is a bridge that can be flown under” then it could be taxied under in an anphib as well.
Enjoying that ICON today. So simple and a lot of fun.


Lol FS-4 could do amphibians ? well can you taxi a sea plane out of the water in MSFS… have you tried ICON-5 ? or the Goose ? That’s freeware see link below. It has wheels, it floats on the body of the aircraft. Extend landing gear after landing on water must be done, else it will crash. But there can be no gear change IN the water, so amphibian is till not allowed ! (MSFS probably, not the aircraft)

This is the download…

Please do NOT use that dreadful site! The OFFICIAL release for the Goose is here:

I am the developer for this conversion and I do NOT authorise uploads to that site!


Hmm I’ve not seen any warnings about that website, they are pirats ? changed the link to your google drive… :slight_smile: and I tested my earlier claim (amphibian) but I can’t get it reproduced. I can park Goose on the beach, but MSFS (?) does not allow me to put landing gear down in the water, so there’s no “crawling up to taxi” on the beach, alas… there is no way amphibian behaviour can be tricked in some way ?

Please replace with the link I have provided to the forum post as that will always have the latest version.

MSFS Cannot currently transition between water and land, we’re hoping that Asobo fixes this soon.

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I DID replace my link :shushing_face: is it the right one ?

Just downloaded it…to make sure I’ve the latest version… like that map in the cabin !

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Great stuff! All we need now is a Caspian Seamonster and some wild weather and I can relive thar Dutch Harbour mission


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