September 10th, 2020 Development Update

What?! lol! people are still having issues until this day…Funny


Is 10 days up yet?! Lol can’t wait


I wonder if there is a way to clean up the vote logs as the devs are clearly patching based on feedback which is AWESOME! Looks like they’ve pretty much tackled most of the top requests. Glad they are addressing some of the must have’s for the IFR VATSIM enthusiasts with some of the airlines avionics. Still no word on NAVBlue or Charts+, but hopefully that comes real soon.

Define “clean up the vote logs”. We can lock/archive a thread which stops it from getting more votes.

This looks promising. I’ve maintained faith that you guys have been working diligently and will continue to do so in the future. Cheers.

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Top vote need to be updated frequently as well, this one below is on the top 11, but do not appears on the MSFS web site as top vote yet. This issue is the LOD from high altitude and distance on terrain.
Ground texture - Low resolution - Internet incorrect Bandwidth


Exactly, I was involved in some debates about this exact argument but people can be impatient

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The issues listed on the development update are a snapshot of the most voted issues. While the list is likely to change week to week, once posted in each article it will not be updated. The community team does provide a link to the live leader board

Direct Link to Bugs & Issues Forum Thread

Ok nice, in that case with the direct link, they will look into the vote list.

Would it be safe to expect new avionics like the DME part on steam gauge planes?

That we (the moderators) don’t know, we will know more once the patch notes are released.

thanks sir

Think about all of the hard work that it took to get this sim in to it’s current state, even if broken in certain places. I simply can’t wrap my head around comments that mention “lazy developers” or “why are they hiding from us” and all that nonsense. It’s immature and lacks even the most basic knowledge of software development. Mostly just immature and entitled though.

Of course, those comments are not surprising since MS is marketing to a wider audience. It’s going to be like this for a while. Wait until they realize that a single high-quality aircraft addon costs as much (or more) than a polished AAA console title.

I welcome this madness for one reason… more money coming in to the sim market will make it more competitive. Really hope this brings success to the MSFS franchise, and especially all of the 3rd party developers.


Are you able to provide any insight as to what’s been listed in the Dev log, as to what items are considered Bugs and what items are considered ‘Wishlist’?

I notice that there’s a reference to ‘Localization Updates’ - Are you able to provide (or seek) clarification on what this means? Is this referring to the ability to chose between Metric, Hybrid or Imperial measurements? (ie, Kilograms for fuel etc)

I wouldn’t exactly call the “Press Any Key to Start” screen a ‘bug’, as much as an annoyance and more of a "Wish List’ topic, yet it’s recognised but I don’t see any recognition of topics in the Wish List forum.

I do believe that the big problems should be resolved first but I’m just curious where the Wish-list items are going to come into play.

Sorry if I’ve asked questions you’re not able to answer!


Sorry I cannot provide you with an awnser here, this would be a question for the Community team.

How much communication do you have with their developers either directly or indirectly (via Community team)? Is it nothing more than what we get? Wouldn’t it be helpful feedback for them if they can comment with some stickies on some of these threads that they have found something or maybe provide workarounds for us?

Are you able to bring this to their attention or provide advice on where/who I should ask this?


Well said, like the saying goes you can’t satisfy every single person in this world and that goes for all brands in the world. There would always be some discrepancy. However as you said we are aware and understand how the software genre works and it may not have been a complete product which should make them more excited because truly the amount we paid for (deluxe in my case) will seem like pennies and well worth it as the sim continues to evolve.

Yes, I cant wait to see the reactions when PMDG releases their products. So set your aircraft on AP and get your popcorn ready, it sure will be interesting :sweat_smile:

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I am still having CTD issues especially when getting close to a major airport. This has not lesseend after Patch 1. While this is not specifically addressed in the announcement, should we expect fewer software overloads (I do not like using the word ‘crash’ when talking about Flight) with this patch?

Would be awesome if they would lock the threads of items coming in the next update and stop the voting on those issues, merge similar issues (see top issues in update, how many of them are in regards to wind) or move the “work in progress” items so other issues/wishes rise to the top and can gain more attention.