Settings & Setup guide for the Tobii Eye Tracker 5

I gleaned a tip from a post @hobanagerik made some time ago, and I now hit the reset twice to almost always get a decent starter view.
One hit, let it settle, hit reset again usually works for me.


Yes, I still have to do that.

On spawn my head is sticking out through the top of the aircraft. First press puts my face through the glare shield. Second press sets my view where I want it.

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Following rave reviews from various MSFS sim reviewers on U tube a friend and myself bought the Tobii eye tracker 5.
Our experience has not been very positive. My version installed easily, and the TOBII experience worked well. However I often need to use MSFS in window mode while setting up the aircraft for departure and checking my departure performance spreadsheet and other peripherals. Whenever I do this Tobii stops working and cannot be restarted until the Simulator is restarted. This makes it virtually useless. None of the reviewers pointed out this flaw and there seems to be no news as to when there will be a fix.
My friend cannot run the TOBII experience unless he signs into W10 as the administrator, a W10 version that does not have MSFS installed. The version of W10 he uses for MSFS has him listed as an administrator, but the TOBII experience, which receives very low reviews on the Microsoft Games system, will not work. Despite sending numerous emails to Tobii via their reporting system there has been no response.
Regrettably therefore I cannot recommend this peripheral at this time and we both wish we had saved our money.

One thing may be worth doing is leave Tobbi disabled in Tobii Experience. Once you have all your departure set up and you are ready for your flight, enable Tobii in the Experience app it should now be working in Sim. I only enable Tobii for MSFS2020 often times I have been in sim and forgot to enable. Switch out of the sim to access Experience to enable it then switch back to the sim and Tobii has worked flawlessly for me. I must stress though that I do not use MSFS2020 in Windowed mode.

I would raise this as a bug with MSFS Zendesk as I’m assuming the MSFS implementation of Tobii support is expecting the sim to use the full screen for tracking given it has it’s own, discreet Tobii settings and these would clash with the standard Windows settings when in windowed mode.

I can’t help with the Admin requirement as I never need to run at as Admin. It may be worth a reinstall but perform the initial install with ‘install as admin’ option just to see if it helps in any way.

Hi Jonas-
I just picked up your product based on some online reviews, and so far I am liking it, but do have an issue or three. First, despite setting both eye tracking settings to not use eyes at all, it still is, which I do not want. It’s completely possible I may change my mind at some point, and certainly I’ll use it on different style games, but I don’t think a flight sim needs it… Just amazing head tracking.

My biggest issue so far, which is definitely related to the fact that despite my best efforts eye tracking is working, even if only very marginally, is that it can be very difficult to hit a button on my FMC or panel because it won’t sit still long enough. Now, on the one hand, I get it, it’s a moving airplane. But on the other, some reality needs to be sacrificed a bit because it IS a simulation running on a monitor (or several), so there needs to be some way to look at something without it constantly wiggling out of the way of your mouse pointer.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


On edit: I have also faced the issue of Tobii just disappearing from the list of available devices, and I’m not using it in a window.

I have recently upgraded from TrackIR to Tobii eye tracker 5. My first impressions after a week of use and tweaking is that it is much better than TrackIR and i even prefer it over my VR setup also. I have decreased the eye tracking slightly and rely more on head movement. With tweaking i now have smooth transitions and stable view when looking forward.

One thing that i found through experimenting was that it pays to go ensure power management for the USB port and Tobii are both turned off in Device Manager. This solved my issue of Tobii dropping connection when i went to windowed mode of jumped out of a focus on the sim while in the cruise to use another program.

I’m still working through camera settings to ensure my start up seating position in set how i want them. It is a slow process since changes are not captured until you restart the sim.


Thank you for the advice. I must say that after a period of problems my last two flights have been fine, with no further loss of Tobii services after changing the screen to windowed mode and then back to full screen. I did re-download the latest Tobii experience software and then checked that all my Microsoft store apps were up to date. So I am now starting to use the TOBII for most flights and getting used to the experience.

Great to hear. Tobii is a great alternative to TrackIR and I certainly prefer it so good to hear it is behaving for you now.

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My Eye Tracker 5 worked flawlessly right up until tonight and then it just wouldn’t connect. After uninstalling all the Tobii software and reinstalling, things are working again except:

Previously the tracker would automatically start when I ran MSFS (Steam version) and then automatically shut off when I quit the game.

Now it doesn’t do that. I have to start the Tobii Experience app before running MSFS and then quit Experience when I’m done (I don’t want it constantly running when I’m not using the tracker).

Anyone know what’s up with that? Is there a setting somewhere that got tweaked?

I spoke too soon. During the next flight Tobii stopped working after I changed the screen from Full to Windowed view. On the flight after that it worked fine. So there does seem to be an intermittent problem with it. I’m hoping that the next MSFS update may fix the problem.