Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9

Well, I didn’t have to wait 30-45 seconds before I could move my cursor while I was setting up my flight so I’d like to think it’s back to normal. Half an hour into my cruise and everything seems fine. I am starting to wonder if the cloud fidelity got downgraded again, seems blurrier (unsurprisingly if so) but I can’t be sure at the moment…so far so good though.

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If it’s really any good I might have to opt in. I don’t suppose the avionics are working fine so far? Hopefully they’ve done some other things other than menu stuff.

Well I’m currently flying the 787-10 and I can see the missing waypoints issue is still here so I’m assuming the other avionics bugs in the a320n (and other GA aircraft) is still present.
Unsurprisingly it seems this just solves the CTDs (thus far).

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Hotfix beta is out. One user posted it worked!

Is there a new update?

Just read my link. There’s a beta out now.

I just saw that , thanks

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As a means to help all of us Xboxers feel better, I just flew the 747 from KLAX to KSFO on my 4 year old Razer gaming laptop.

I came away totally unimpressed. SCREAMING fans, stutters, less graphic quality, ■■■■■■ ground performance taxiing.


No thanks, I’ll stick with my Series X — regardless of the issues.


I just did a complete factory console reset tonight (“again”), and reinstall and only installed the Deluxe and Premium because I have digital ownership. I think I downloaded the new fix I assumed its the (53 gigs) download…? then I downloaded the Xbox Insider Hub app and Report a Problem app. The Report a problem App doesn’t work…?

Anecdote: Flash Screens still have “no sound” and the mysterious “Turbulence” is still there !

I’m back in “offline” mode.

I don’t know what to make of it anymore.

Just looking now and the thread in the live Q&A requests section raising these SU9 crashes is barely in the top ten. It has less votes than a question asking if Asobo are going to add a camera shake effect on touchdown FFS. I get more than enough stuttering while landing and I’m grateful just to get to the end of the flight let alone care about subtle visual effects. I just want the thing to work.

I’m starting to lose hope that Asobo will get on top of this, and even if there are more casual gamers using MSFS on xbox than PC it is clear that our numbers in terms of those serious and involved in the community are tiny, we’re barely more than background noise.

I hope that on the Q&A they actually address the ongoing problems with xbox and what they plan to do about it. I’m not expecting that though, I’m rather expecting they’ll say sorry for the bad release and then congratulate themselves on getting a patch out so fast and then show us a video of a new plane they are selling.


I think they messed up and are running around like headless chickens trying to fix things, that can go either way - they fix it or make it worse…

I’m not bothering with the dev mode stuff as i never downloaded WU9 and my setup is still working, sort of, still very jittery and long freezes but at least no CTD’s this week.

There is a beta for an improved version of the report a problem app. It’s quite convenient to use and you might want to give it a try.

This morning: flight to the United States: VFR map frozen and no route on the VR display (green line).
Test in France, VFR map ok but black VR screens. What do they do at the publisher? they are on vacation ?

This is an Xbox thread.


I’d like to think/hope there’s a bloody good reason for zero Xbox content this week.

With all the issues and the continuing disappointment of watching PC users enjoy the sim and the more complex aircraft to it’s fullest, I am reaching the end of my tether.

There’s only 23 votes on the question asking for theories, given the identical hardware, about why Xbox users are seeing such radically different user experiences.

Only 23 people want an answer to this?!?!

Isn’t hearing what Asobo thinks about this issue pretty much the crux of what is going on with this blasted simulator? Including for PC users?

I guess people would rather come here and gripe than attempt to actually get answers.

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Voted. It needs an answer.

Absolutely amazed at the popularity of some of the questions. Asking for some really irrelevant things. When really the whole community should be pulling together and voting for the more serious issues, regardless of platform. Instead of this prevailing ‘I’m alright, so I don’t really care’ attitude.


I’m all for the question asking for SU9 issues to be addressed, but without some understanding as to why these issues leading to erratic user experiences happen in the first place and without holding Asobo accountable to answering why this keeps happening, then having SU9 fixed is just going to be a stop-gap and not an actual solution to the fundamental problem here.

We should all be seeing pretty similar performance, especially when we strip our Xboxes down to the base sim. Yet, that is clearly not happening.

Over and over in this thread I hear cries for, “Why?” or “How?”

Well there it is - I avoided WU9, worried about stability - but even though I did, my splash screens changed and when I took a later flight I found the weird, apocalyptic scenes on the ramp at EGHI ( posted earlier in this thread)

So there was a mandatory update - “for the generic airport folder”, and it caused problems… I didn’t get a CTD but a “bad dream scene”

Smooth flight EGHI EGJA last night in the Kodiak 100 with global marine traffic, ferries and pleasure boats, ground vehicles all at 100, live weather ON, Air traffic OFF, Multiplayer OFF, no CTDs, smooth World page. Started using Quick Resume, so mine has become largely flyable again, Last time I restarted the sim though I noticed that the splash screens are behaving oddly - the sequence seems to run inconsistently with some slow fades followed by ultra-quick transitions. And starting up rather than from Quicl Resume always gives me the phantom download and stutters/freezes on the Welcome and World pages…. The whole thing feels unstable, like a beta/trial software rather than a commercially released one…

So just to be clear is the hot fix out now, or coming later. And can people log on now then with ease and get past the loading screen?

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