Sim crashes when zooming in at the worldmap

Thanks to @PinkPanteees for clarifying that they’ve had this problem since before the past few days.

That means everyone of the 9 folk who are having this issue which only started in the past few days, have listed their internet connection as being a fast fibre connection with LAN to the router. Of course this is a tiny number of sample points but hey it’s suspicious!

ETA: just to be clear I’m not suggesting that if this is the problem that it’s being done deliberately. It may be a general configuration change made by admin at the CDN to prevent too many TCP requests per second perhaps? Not even directly related to Asobo and MSFS. We’re just experiencing an unfortunate side effect. All this is just guessing by me of course.

As soon as I tried to enable it again it crashed again :slight_smile:

This sim…

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Same situation here, CTD when loading a flight for one week now. I’m not used to having a CTD when starting a flight. Items in my community folder don’t seem to be responsible for this.
When it’s possible to launch a flight, I can have CTD 10mn after take off :')
Location : South of France ; very good connection (no wifi)

Can you give details of your internet connection so we can if there is anything in common :slight_smile:

Thanks - so this is a fibre connection > 100mbps maybe?

Scroll up, some of us shared our speedtest.

Don’t know if you are replying to me but my post above was specifically to AlienWater.

(The ‘reply to’ handling in this forum software is poor! I’m sure that sometimes it misses out the icon showing you’re replying directly to a post).

ETA: Definitely broken! I included your quote when I first created this reply. Not only did that quote get automatically deleted it also isn’t showing the reply to icon.

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Dev teams at Asobo are investigating this issue. If you want to participate in the investigation, you can send us a ticket via Zendesk.

Before sending the ticket, make sure you set your sim to Vanilla to rule out any conflicts with 3rd party add-ons.
How to restore the sim to its vanilla state to get back in game – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

On the ticket, include the link to this forum thread, so we know we are troubleshooting this specific issue.

Also, add your DxDiag and MSinfo to your ticket, so we can see if there are any common nominators on different systems that could help us pinpoit the root cause for this issue.


  1. On Windows, select Start and enter “dxdiag” into the search box on the taskbar. Select dxdiag from the results.
  2. In the tool, click on ‘Save All Information’ and wait a few seconds
  3. Save the file as a ‘Text File (*.txt)’ on your desktop


  1. Open a Run command box. To do so, press the Windows key and R key at the same time.
  • Alternatively, search “Run” in your Start menu’s search bar.
  1. In the Run window’s dialog box, type msinfo32 and click OK.
  2. When the System Information window opens, give it a moment to pull information from your system. You’ll know it’s done when you click through the menus on the left and see information for each of them.
  3. Keep “System Summary” highlighted
  4. Click File, then Export…
  • Do not choose File, then Save as. This will create a very large file that you may not want on your system, and our system has a file size limit that might reject it.
  1. Name your file something simple, like “mymsinfo”, and make sure it’s saved as a text (.txt) file.
  2. Save the exported file on your Desktop or your My Documents folder.
  • It can take a minute or two for the file to export and save.

Can I respectfully ask for you to also instruct folk to include their connection speed when they submit their zendesk ticket (i.e. add that to your instructions above). I’ve had a quick look at the msinfo32 dump and it does not appear to include that information which may be helpful to your investigation.

We automatically ask for this data when you submit a technical ticket on Zendesk.

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Thanks for the clarification DevilNumber - I’ll butt out now and let you get on with it :slight_smile:

Yes I noticed afterward that it didn’t mark my post as a response to you. ^^

I was replying to your post about the fiber connection.

I’m in France and to be honest I don’t think our bandwith is the issue, but here is mine.

Capture d'écran 2023-10-23 125953

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I’m on a fiber optic connection in Wisconsin for those who are interested…

Everything I’ve experienced has already been reported multiple times in this thread so no need to repeat it all. I did complete a Zendesk ticket the other day so, hopefully, we’ll see movement on this problem now.

Thanks for informing us
I wasn’t specifically asked for it, but perhaps it’s in the files sent?
I can add it to the ticket that’s still open if you lik ( Request #200968)

Switching off the Weather layers from the World map fixed the persistent CTDs while using/zooming the map. I also installed this mod JayDee´s World Map Filter Presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS. I used also the “World Map Filter 03- All But Weather”, but I edited the NAVAIDS / RNAV / Airspaces out of it, to have the default appearance at startup, just without the weather.

You find the edited version attached. Replace the file in JayDee’s mod after you renamed it to only “WorldmapFilters.xml” (without the “.txt”).
WorldmapFilters.xml.txt (12.1 KB)

Edit: No need to download this file. JayDee added a 4th preset that does exatly what I did. It only removes the weather layer to act as Hotfix for this bug.
JayDee´s World Map Filter Presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

I thought it was just me missing it when I filled in the ticket and so felt a bit embarrassed when I posted above but I’ve just attempted to create a new zendesk ticket and it definitely doesn’t explicitly ask for connection details.
However you can see the data fields unpopulated (of course) when you look at an already entered ticket. @DevilNumber1706 can you assist on how we get the ticket UI to ask for connection details.

Thanks. That’s 11 out of 11 members who have posted they are on a high speed connection who are seeing this issue

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Just to add an information to the thread : My internet connection reaches 30 Mbts only at full speed and have no ctds!


@ LostChicken1948

There is a “Hotfix”. Maybe you can edit your First post. JayDee´s World Map Filter Presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS JayDee added a 4th preset that only removes the weather layer to act as Hotfix for this bug.

I’ve also experienced CTD in the last couple of weeks and yes my download speeds are between 800-1000mb with Ethernet connection from modem to PC.