Sim is suddenly performing superbly

Nice rig! Is that a projection screen?

There is a thread about the new driver and again, seems to generate mixed results. I saw no change going to 456.38 but obviously not the same for everyone!

Server load could well be a thing - and might also explain why people are reporting such varied experience depending on load when they are flying etc. That would make diagnosing real bugs quite difficult I think

Already had a look there but thanks for the info. I did tests over two days with the latest driver and the previous 452.06 driver and every test I did, which is about 15 in total with identical scenarios, I saw between 20% to as much as 30% increase in framerate (with the older driver). 2ndly I find it quite interesting that a large majority of people complaining about degraded performance, reported their findings after the release of the new Nvidia drivers, perhaps their are a number of factors involved, i.e. hardware, settings to mention a few, but for me it’s clear that the latest Nvidia driver causes degraded performance at least on the 2070S (my GPU)/2080ti (with the help of a friend).

I urge everyone with performance issues to at least try it out.

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I noticed the draw distance for trees is now much further out, back to where it used to be. Sim is running really nicely but can’t be sure if FPS is better or not.

True - worth a shot - not hard to do and no lasting impact

I’m on the latest drivers but it’s running so well for me at the moment I’m not going to touch anything.
Wait and see what happens after the patch on Tuesday.
Not that they have mentioned any performance improvements as far as I can tell but you never know.

I can understand that :wink:

I think im missing some info here, what patch is this?

The new and amazing Japan release. Which may or may not have actually useful fixes in it.

Tuesday 29th Sept, Japan scenery update includes a patch for some of the recent Issues also.


I sal;so agree that the Sim is performing superbly today. for some reason Frame rate and LOD are back to pre patch quality all of a sudden this morning at 8am eastern on Eastern USA servers… Maybe is a server issue ALL ALONG!!!

Yeap, we have at least three fixes addressing the A320 and other related to CTD issues.

Do you have melted buildings? If not, what did you do to fix that?

I didn’t have any melted buildings at San Diego if that’s what you mean.
I didn’t do anything, they just looked fine lastnight and again this morning.

I have seen that effect in various locations before though. I suspect it’s just some server side issue.

What settings are you running on your 1080 ?

Let me try flying out of San Diego right now. Las Vegas looks horrible. On my end it looks like an atomic bomb hit the strip. Btw I’m running everything on ultra settings.

High graphics, ultra clouds, vsync off plus various nvidia settings which are machine specific anyway.

Was thinking the same. Maybe the network was less congested or it was a fluke.

Well the wind and weather seemed to be working better, so they did something…

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