Sim is suddenly performing superbly

Not seeing the LOD gains here yet in North Europe, and I haven’t seen the patch which give s the CoG of the fuel.

Even tried killing and remaking my scenery cache. No difference yet.

I really hope this is a fix cos it’s one of my biggest disappointments with the sime in recent times - popup scenery.

Maybe tomorrow…

Yes 400 instead of default 200 in sim, I reduce this to 200 when flying in NY, Paris, London etc… for FPS reasons, render scaling is always set to 120 for me. I also make use of the teredo workaround which doesn’t limit my download speed from the servers and I make use of modified tree files which increases the tree LOD from altitude.

No changes here, still annoyingly low tree draw distance, even with LOD manually increased to 3…

Can it be that it has something to do with graphics card drivers i chanced them with nvidia update and performance a clean install for the new drivers, 2 days ago and i also believe that my dx settings went to version 12
I still use a msi lightning 780 ti.
But i also noticed that Eham was packet with all kind of trolleys and stuff nicer cars on parking deck and also contoltowers have chanced do still the wrong one near 18R/36L it looks like the main one in fs 5.1

No, the changes I am seeing are not due to the graphics driver as I haven’t changed mine for about a week.

The Direct X 12 indication in the Nvidia control panel has been there for a long time, just means your card & drivers support DX12 if you run a piece of software that takes advantage of it.
As of yet, MSFS only uses DX11.

Ok, took a closer look on those screenshots: as soon as you are in mountains, the draw distance seems equally low compared to my rig. On flater grounds, it looks ok…

Just finished my usual flight from KDEN-KLAS. I already saw this thread before my flight so I decided to go Ultra before doing my pre-flight check just for fun. Lo and behold, my rig is not going crazy like it normally does when I go to ultra. Very minimal stutters but I noticed my GPU went from 70% to 90%. I dialed back LOD to 150 and back to 4x/4x4 and gpu is again 70% with the rest on ultra. Taxi and takeoff was stutter free. On final to KLAS, the Vegas strip skyline/silhouette is usually crappy but now it looks like a proper skyline. Short final was stutter free and all the surrounding buildings are well detailed. It’s not placebo because I normally fly this route and this time the difference in settings and performance is suprising.

Whatever you guys are doing back there, keep it up! We see you!!!

And also a big shoutout to the guys at flybywire sim. I updated to version 0.3.0 and the experience landing with a dual Cat3 ILS just made my day!

i5-9600k @4.8
2080ti @4k
32gb ram @ 3200
500gb NVMe x2
Track IR
Samsung 4k tv

I dont know when Asobo made the tweaks but here is a video of the new Flybywire A320 updated night lighting that I recorded yesterday.

Landing @ KLAS in 4K



Looks pretty good :+1:t2:

Been flying over London City again this morning with live weather on.
Overcast with a 31Kt wind, bit of a challenge in a Cessna 172 :slight_smile:
But there was also a lot more live players on than when I tried it lastnight, and apart form a slight stutter at about 40Knts airspeed as I passed the parked planes and the higher detailed Orbx scenery it was pretty smooth and my fixed fps never went below 30.

Definitely wasn’t able to do that before on Ultra/High settings and with terrain LOD at 200.

So I’m sorry if I got the hopes up for those who have tried it since my original post and haven’t seen an improvement.
All I can do is report on what I am seeing from my end. As to why it’s changed, I am like everyone else, just guessing.

The only change I know I made to my PC yesterday was to reinstall the Microsoft C++ redistributables package, due to an Issue with another piece of software I was using.

I very much doubt this had any effect on MSFS but if anyone wants to experiment this is the link to the microsoft downloads page.

Just make sure you create a restore point first and select the correct version.

I’m certainly not advocating this as any sort of magic fix, just mentioning it as it’s the only change that I made to my PC prior to seeing an improvement in MSFS.

Your life must be ■■■■■■. Salty guy, all the time complaining smh

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Reporting observations here is a good thing, so many mixed reports here about performance, quality and so forth. I’m not completely sure if anything was changed from a server perspective but I’m happy to report that by reverting to the Nvidia driver 452.06 certainly gave me at minimum a 20% increase back in terms of fps. Learning something new everyday :wink:

Departed EGLL, frames were around 28-32, climbed steadily to 35-40fps after departure.

Just trying the San Diego trip again that I did lastnight after a suggestion from someone.
Performance still excellent in terms of smoothness etc…
But seeing a lot more popping in of trees about 4 miles out which I wasn’t seeing lastnight.

Might be that this observation is inly valid for those that did not run already ultra settings? Who knows, happy for those that see an increased performance. As I am not unhappy with my performance anyway, it doesnt matter if I see no increase in it, no? :smile: But the tree draw distance on 200 and everything ultra is definitively unchanged, of course, if you had lower settings and now you can increase them, you might think that it is better. But it is not…

No, I tried the San Diego area lastnight with the same settings I am on now, LOD 200 etc… lastnight the trees were rendering out as far as I could see. Today they are popping in about 4 miles out

Will be trying it since i have a big problem with stutters currently. One question: Did you manually locate the game and add it to the list of games on the smartgamebooster application?
I assume it works just as well when launching it regardless if it identifies all games or not

Means for you it is as bad as it was before and only transiently improved yesterday evening? Really strange, but then it must be related to the server load somehow, no? Might be that yesterday evening by chance only very few simmers were online…

Your guess is as good as mine.
But the smoothness and sustained fps at higher settings still remains an improvement for me compared to Friday.

I’m seeing trees drawn quite a long way off in these , even in the mountains - but there will be a limit somewhere. I mean, when flying the trees being drawn in at that range is really not even close to noticable - it’s definitely not pooping in close by.

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Nobody want pooping trees, that’s for sure :rofl: :poop: :poop:

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Don’t disagree, but we have seen other fixes appearing in the background pre previous patches - most notably azure ATC started to work a couple of days before patch 1

ooops! nice typo
surprised that didn’t get bleeped out!